The statistics you need to know about user experience

User Experience (UX) may seem to be all science and tech, numbers and reports, but really we should be looking at user experience from human-centric approach. Yes your site should be optimised and look great and functional on a first impression - we won't argue with you on that one! However, the emotional impact and lasting impression to leave with your users when they visit your site has to be your focus. With inbound marketing we are all about delighting leads, and this is a fool-proof way to keep those leads so happy that they might just keep coming back for more! 

Before you get too excited about diving into the mysterious world of UX, have a read of these essential statistics...

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Once upon a time... The Inbound Marketing Tale

Storytelling is extremely valuable. Don’t believe me? Try telling that to the box office after the top 3 movies of 2014 grossed over $687,159,612. Stories have been embedded in our culture for centuries for one simple reason – because they resonate with an audience.

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The 3 key steps to reducing your cost of customer acquisition (COCA)

The cost of customer acqusition (COCA) is a business metric every leader and marketer should be aiming to control. Controlling COCA is fundamental to building a scaleable business model. If your costs of acquiring new customers increases at the same rate as your revenue growth, your margins will be under pressure.

New highly efficient, primarily digital, methods of customer acqusition are quickly emerging, driving down costs by around 60% and creating real competitive advantage for those who get it right.

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4 Reasons Content Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business' Reputation

Content is one of the core trends that’s proven to be at the forefront of the future of marketing. Due to the massive amounts of data being produced these days it is critical to focus on providing high quality information that informs and educates people and cuts through the data “noise”. In fact, by 2018, IP traffic will reach 40.5 exabytes per month in comparison to 16.6 exabytes per month in 2014. That is a lot more competition for eyeballs than just a couple of years ago, and only increases the probability that your brilliant idea for a new piece of content has been produced already (and probably more than once).

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3 B2B marketing website design mistakes we all need to stop making

We’ve all been told by a wise old family member ‘not to judge a book by its cover’, but if we are actually honest with ourselves, we all know that we do. It is only human to make a flash judgment about the quality of something we are looking at within seconds of seeing it. Marketers and designers alike need to remember this when they are creating websites and interfaces that visitors and leads can interact with.

Top 8 tips to effective client management

The same B2B client management standards apply across most industries. It simply comes down to managing your clients' expectations so there are no surprises and everyone is always on the same page. To help you achieve this, we’ve provided a list of our 8 top tips to help you manage your clients effectively.

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How to get your readers to click through on social media (without pissing them off)

For as long as I can remember, my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds have been stuffed full of posts convincing you to click through with their manipulative titles and enticing images. This, my friends, is known as click bait. Click bait is a nasty, deceptive and quite often tacky way of getting social media followers to your website. Having a scroll through my own Facebook feed, the following shameful click baits appeared:

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Blogging Infographic: It's All A Numbers Game

As inbound marketers we are extremely familar with blogging, but do we really know everything? Below are the stats that matter, and prove that there is nothing to fear, as blogging really is just a numbers game.

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How to bring your business blog back from the dead

Has your business blog lost its mojo? Do you have a more mechanical than meaningful approach to content? Blogging may start out as everyone’s priority, but it’s easy to let it fall behind. As soon as other projects come up, the blog is usually the first to suffer. It’s a challenge to consistently create high quality content when overall inbound marketing efforts take up most of your time.

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