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4 Sources for Good Quality Lead Generation You Shouldn’t Overlook

Time and time again, we see marketers jumping on the latest fad in lead generation and trying out new tactics or channels without a second thought. We’ve also seen business owners being so persistent on their own ideas of what is good, that they refuse to try other tactics, even though it may be better suited to their target audience. The result? Little or no leads, declining sales and a stagnating business. 

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The three types of content B2B marketers need to generate leads

Most B2B marketers have understood the vital role that content plays in modern marketing. Some argue it has ever been thus and largely, they are correct. But many B2B marketers are struggling to build a cohesive content marketing strategy. Have you nailed your organisation's content marketing plan for 2013?

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3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Strategy is Failing

The end goal for social media in a B2B context is lead generation and revenue. However, all too often great social content can be lost in the online abyss of 'marketing la-la land', resulting in content that's not distributed through the right channels, to the right people, in a circumstance-specific manner.

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If Content is King for B2B Marketers, then Context is God!

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