Navigating the Go-To-Market Software Adoption Challenge: A Guide to Successful Implementation

Investing in new go-to-market software to support your sales and marketing teams is undoubtedly an exhilarating prospect. It comes with the promise of revolutionising your endeavours and propelling growth for the whole business. However, beneath the excitement, a nagging concern often lingers.

Will the team actually use the software in their daily work?

Will we be able to unlock the full potential of the software, or will we be plagued by low user adoption and patchy competence?

Frankly, it's a valid concern; too often this has been the past experience of sales and marketing managers. They have either already tried to drive the adoption of new marketing and sales software and copped the blame when it hasn't gone well, or been on "the shop floor" when a new mandatory system has been foisted on them by the senior executives and rather than helping with their work, has just added to the jobs to be done to keep the boss happy. 

The key to releasing the power of your software investment and achieving rapid ROI is to select an experienced implementation partner who has "been there, done that" many, many times before. Here's a guide to help you make that choice:

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Empowering Australian Sales Managers: The 5 Keys To Unlocking Sales Team Success

In the ever-evolving world of sales, Sales Managers play a pivotal role in steering their sales teams towards success. This article focuses on the specific pain points of Sales Managers and how deploying the next generation of smart sales software offers essential features to help them gain control, create visibility, and build a repeatable sales process that leads to increased revenue.

At g2m, we are unapologetic advocates for HubSpot's Sales Hub software as we believe it's the best sales toolset for sales managers (and their teams) in the world, however this list should provide a handy general list of pain points and how to solve them.

Sales Managers: The Drivers of Sales Team Excellence

Sales Managers are the lynchpins of the sales process, responsible for coaching and guiding their sales reps to achieve their targets. However, they face distinct challenges that require precise solutions.

Let's explore the primary pain points of Sales Managers and how today's latest sales tools can be used to address them:

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