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Is your firm's social media personality losing you leads?

Defining your firm's social media personality online has a direct impact on lead generation. Engaging effectively via social media builds a relevant community of interested people and provides your organisation with a significant advantage. Not only will you get better results from your SEO (with Google now ranking on social influence and cues) but you will also generate more traffic from social media too. And, if you have great content to share with your visitors, more traffic will result in more leads.

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New Australian B2B Content Marketing Research Released

The Content Marketing Institute, run by the excellent Joe Pulizzi and local marketing champions ADMA have released a research report on content marketing trends in Australia for 2013.

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How To Be A Thought Leader In Your Industry: A B2B Marketer's Guide

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How much marketing is enough?

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5 Top of Funnel Fixes For Lead DEGeneration

You want more traffic and you want it now! But it can't just be any old traffic... you want quality traffic who will convert into quality leads, and eventually customers.

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How to write web content that gets read: 7 tips for B2B Marketers

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Lead Generation Via Video Content: A B2B Marketer's Guide

If you try to sweep video under the rug, dismissing it as a passing fad that doesn't apply to you because "we're B2B, not B2C", then you're in danger of missing the boat.

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B2B marketers - How to feed your lead generation machine!

Filling the sales pipeline with qualified leads is really tough if your business is invisible to your target buyers. Finding out where your buyers are hanging out online, what they are searching for and what content they value are essential if you want to attract quality leads. We created a brief SlideShare to help our fellow B2B marketers and business owners attract more leads using content. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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