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What Blockbuster Video and Netflix Teach Us About B2B Sales

The world of B2B selling has changed. Forever.

Remember 20 years ago when it was movie night? You had to get off the couch, jump in your car, drive to the local Blockbuster and spend 30 minutes choosing a movie. Then you had to return within 24 hours - but only AFTER rewinding it - to avoid additional fees.

Ahhh the good old days, right?

No. It was a horrible experience for the buyer. Certainly compared to the experience we now have with Netflix; instant, almost unlimited choice for a flat fee (and no rewinding required). We are never going back.

Watching movies has changed. Forever.

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How To Improve Sales & Marketing Alignment for Growth, According to 15 Marketing Experts

This article was originally posted on the databox blog.

In HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017 report, 6000 respondents were polled on the current state of alignment between marketing and sales teams.
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The key to growth: Unlocking your buying centre

It’s commonly quoted that B2B buyers have access to unlimited information at their digital fingertips so they aren't contacting vendors until they are 70% of the way along the purchase process. Are they really waltzing happily through their purchase process without the need for marketing information and sales calls?

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5 Things B2B Marketers Wish Their CMO Knew

This article was originally posted on the kapost blog and we love it!

Dear wise and illustrious CMO,

We know you’re busy. You’re rushing from meeting to meeting all day every day making sure that everything we do drives the strategic messaging of our company forward. You’re our fearless leader and we’re lucky to have you. But if you have a minute, here’s some thoughts on marketing leadership we think you'd find valuable.

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Thinking Beyond the Purchase: Mapping Content to the Customer’s Buying Journey

Marketing. We turn leads into prospects, prospects into opportunities, and opportunities into customers. It’s our bread and butter. But, what happens after? What’s possible? And most importantly - what do we want to happen after?

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Key Content Marketing Statistics For B2B in 2018

This article was originally posted on the Spyralitics Performance Marketing Blog.

B2B Marketing budgets in Australia are being negotiated right now, as we get ready for the start of the new fiscal year. What are you doing about your content marketing in 2018?

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What Marketing Leaders Should be Investing In (and How to Measure Success)

New marketing tactics and technologies continually emerge from the digital woodwork. Marketers must constantly balance the adoption of industry innovations with their ability to accurately gauge and value their effectiveness.  

The following post is a Q&A with analyst and subject-matter expert, Jennifer Polk, conducted by Gartner to promote their 2018 Digital Marketing Conference.

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Which Digital Marketing Trends Will Expire In  2018?

This blog was originally posted by our colleagues at HubSpot and Kuno Creative.

When it comes to marketing tactics, unfortunately there are no "Best before" dates. But that doesn't mean what worked last year -- or even last week -- will work today. In fact, some of the most popular digital marketing trends have reached the end of their shelf life and are well beyond their expiration dates. 

Here is a list of B2B Sales & Marketing Strategies for 2018

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How to win at B2B sales in 2018

If you are a B2B salesperson you might be rather worried about some of the research data that's being widely quoted by "the experts."  Here is a selection:

  • "Customers rate the salesperson as the least influential interaction in the buying process" - Gartner
  • "Death of the B2B salesperson: 93% of buyers say they prefer buying online rather than from a salesperson" - Forrester
  • "57% of the buyer's journey is complete before a customer's first contact with supplier" - Corporate Executive Board
  • "67% of the buyer's journey is now done digitally" - Sirius Decisions

Salespeople would be forgiven for thinking they'll all be out of work in a few short years! Yet the reality is nothing is further from the truth.

But there's a catch...

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Use the Netflix model to create Binge-worthy content for your B2B marketing

We have all heard of Netflix and most of us would be keen Netflix fans as its changed the way we consume content at home and online. But if you’re a B2B marketer you need to read the following Three Takeaways to Creating Binge Worthy Content that was published on the 5th Oct 2017 on the Content MarketingMarketingProfs B2B Forum.

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