The 7 metrics that optimise your firm's revenue velocity

Growing revenue velocity - your firm's speed of growth - is the aspiration for most Founder/CEOs and Chief Revenue Officers that we meet. In this article we discuss the 7 key metrics available to these executives to optimise their revenue velocity and some best practices for building an effective revenue engine. 

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How SMBs can build an affordable, scaleable customer service function

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Buyer enablement: The secret sauce of B2B sales

Buying B2B solutions is a long hard slog. Gartner says the median B2B buying group consists of between 6 and 10 people. Each of these people need four to five pieces of information to help them. Usually, around 83% of the time they have gone and sourced this information themselves.

Then starts the painful process of achieving consensus and a concrete action plan. 

Brent Adamson, a Gartner distinguished VP, puts it this way.

"The hardest part about B2B solutions isn't selling them but buying them. Today's buying journey has effectively reached a tipping point where it's become unnavigable without a significant amount of help" 

The B2B sales person plays a significant role in providing that help. Here's how.

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A checklist for moving to cloud based telephony

The 'phone is undoubtably a critical business tool; it isn't going anywhere. So it makes little sense to have your 'phone system sitting out on a limb and not integrated with your other business systems. The shift to the cloud provides small and medium businesses with an affordable, simple way to fully integrate their suite of customer facing applications. 

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Why G2M has become an Aircall partner

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Why your CRM must be the beating heart of your organisation

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Onboarding is like watching people bloom....like a water lily in the sunshine!

I love my job…there you have it, I’ve said I out loud, I love my job! I get to play with HubSpot all day, onboarding people to the platform. I’m like a “pig in mud!” I get to see it work its magic in all different types of organisations, big, small, not-for-profits, service-based or product companies. You name it, we’ve done it.

But making the "HubSpot magic" happen actually takes a lot of practice and along the way I’ve learnt a lot about what does and (frankly speaking) what doesn’t work. Here is our 10 step approach.

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Woop Woop! I have bought automation software! Oh wait...now what?

It has finally happened, my business case got the thumbs up, my stakeholders have all said yes, the decision to invest in some software to significantly improve the effectiveness of our marketing and sales teams has been made!

It is genuinely exciting......and actually, now I come to think of it, really quite scary.  What do I do now, where do I start, how long have I got before the CFO wants to see a return on their investment?

Sounds familiar?  Getting new software to deliver its promised gains is more than technical implementation and onboarding, its about taking the humans who will use it on a journey and getting them to change their behaviour and that equals a lot of hard work, done over many months.

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Beat The Forgetting Curve

Mastering new automation software is central to marketers and salespeople alike. It’s an essential part of your modern tool kit. But learning – and more importantly remembering – how to use these essential tools can be daunting.

It turns out we’ve been forgetting things for a long time! And there is some interesting science that explains why.

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7 key website elements for B2B Lead Generation

A site is no longer just an "online brochure", it’s a key asset in generating a consistent stream of leads for the sales team.

In this blog, you’ll learn the 7 key website elements for effective b2b lead generation. If your site is missing these capabilities you're missing out on revenue.

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