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World class marketing and sales automation technology and blisteringly effective processes will only get your sales and marketing function so far. That's right folks, people, with all of our flawed DNA and dysfunctional, illogical behaviour still lie at the heart of most successful sales and marketing teams. Jim Collins in his wonderful book Good to Great, lists getting great people on the bus (and conversely those who aren't great, off the bus) is the first and most essential task for any firm that wants to go from good to great. If I may be a little self indulgent for a second (after all it is my blog) I like that! I find it wonderfully reassuring!

The really good news though, is that people have the power to change, they can learn, grow and adapt. They may not be great now but they can become great. This blog describes how we at g2m solutions go about helping and developing the sales and marketing teams we coach, which in conjunction with awesome planning and great tools form the essence of a high performance sales and marketing operation.

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Your secret to increasing leads? Slash my B2B marketing budget?!?!

Read this excellent article how one Chief Marketing Officer at a Security Application firm managed to increase the quantity and quality of their leads by 12%." Twelve percent," I hear you say, "not bad, but hardly astounding." Until you realise that his b2b marketing budget for that same year, 2009, had been cut by 40%!

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Chapter 1: Scene 1: Extracts from a modern B2B marketing mystery.

The setting: A (decent) coffee shop in any business district in any city in the world.

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B2B email marketing contacts are worth more than Twitter followers!

You might be forgiven for believing that somewhere buried in the avalanche of publicity surrounding social media that there has to be value in building up a loyal following on Twitter. I mean good old fashioned "value", otherwise known as MONEY! And there is. Its just not very high, due in the most part to the volume, brevity and simplicity of the message. Various studies have been conducted that suggest a Twitter follower is "worth" less than $5. Conversely a recent study conducted by IBM and MIT suggested that an email contact was worth slightly under $1,000 to an IBM consultant! As an ex industry analyst and researcher, I have learnt to be sceptical of sponsored research but even allowing for a 2,3 or 4x error factor the point remains valid. Email contacts are exponentially more valuable than Twitter followers.

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