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Are you an SMB who is struggling to build a B2B marketing strategy?

Many smaller companies struggle with justifying their investments in marketing. If they are honest, often sales and marketing are lumped into the one department or under the one budget and if asked, they would characterise their go to market investment as "a lot of sales and a little bit of marketing". Given the generally entrepreneurial nature of smaller organisations used to evangelising their products directly with customers this is inevitable, and if they are in the early "pre chasm" market, one might argue, wise.

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Building effective, sales and marketing alignment. Some top tips.

Achieving sales and marketing alignment makes your business grow faster, it allows you to close business more effectively and keep more customers. Misalignment is a common topic of conversation we have when we speak to sales and marketing managers about their major challenges. Each typically points fingers at the other.

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Kicking GOALS – 5 steps to drive effective change in B2B marketing

In case you hadn't noticed marketing is undergoing a revolution, the profession is in a state of enormous upheaval laid waste by deep budget and personnel cuts but more excitingly by genuine breakthrough technologies that radically alter the ROI of marketing and mean we might actually, genuinely, be able to measure marketing for once and prove to that pesky CFO that marketing is in fact a worthwhile investment and a genuine contributor to sales and profits.

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Top tips for using marketing eContent to get your business found

Modern marketing is all about engaging with your target audience and creating some interesting content that they would find enjoyable or interesting to consume. Use your creative juices to develop interesting content and then leverage that content in as many ways as possible to engage with your audience. You will develop leads, convert prospects, increase website traffic, get found in searches and develop a reputation as a thought leader. Here are some top tips for getting found:

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New data from Marketing Sherpa: Firm's B2B marketing priorities.

Marketing Sherpa have just released some interesting data from their B2B Benchmark survey.

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R.I.C.E. - The staple diet of content marketing

B2B marketers and their organisations are realising exactly how important eContent is to modern, effective and efficient eMarketing. So what distinguishes eContent from, well, good old fashioned content without the "e"? In this article I argue that your eContent must have Relevancy, Interactivity, Context and Ease of access, hence R.I.C.E. (geddit?!) and discuss some key components for establishing and maintaining one of the most successful eContent tools, the business blog.

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