4 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Should Be Guest Blogging for SEO

Many B2B marketing professionals see guest blogging primarily as an opportunity to increase referral traffic. The dream is to attract hordes of new website visitors by having a post published on a big blog with thousands of readers. The idea is that a proportion of these readers will visit your website by clicking on links in your article; and, consequently, a proportion of these visitors will then become loyal readers, subscribers and even leads. What more could  B2B marketing professionals want? A lot.

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4 Steps to Measuring Social Media ROI in B2B Marketing

The decision to invest in social media as a B2B marketing tool almost always boils down to three words: return on investment.

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The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide to Failing on Twitter

It's easier than you think to successfully fail on Twitter. In fact, there are many organisations that have already achieved great success in failing to utilise the blue bird for B2B marketing.

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The 4 Types of Buyers in a Complex B2B Sale

In a face-to-face meeting, sales professionals can easily scan the room for non-verbal cues that indicate who is acting in what role. By observing body language, they can quickly determine who defers to whom, who asks questions, and who’s interested in what topics, allowing them to adjust their behaviour accordingly. 

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Why Your Q2 B2B Marketing Plan Might Be A Waste of Time

Easter break is that time of the year where many B2B marketers pause to catch their breath, reflect on what they have achieved so far this year, and refocus on the push for the financial year-end and perhaps beyond.

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The Do's and Don'ts Of B2B Marketing Content Curation

We all know that original content is the best way to go, but let's be honest; it's overly ambitious, even idealistic, for time-strapped marketers to say that it's the only kind of content they'll produce in their busy production schedule. Original content needs research and time, most of which is spent on checking your facts for credibility, and yourself for bias. That's why we turn to the now typical art of content curation to save the day.

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