The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide to Failing on Twitter

twitter fail whaleIt's easier than you think to successfully fail on Twitter. In fact, there are many organisations that have already achieved great success in failing to utilise the blue bird for B2B marketing.

By following these proven tactics, employed by the very best failers, you can fail on Twitter too!

#1 Only follow people who follow you first

One of the best ways to fail at using Twitter as a B2B marketing tool is to avoid proactively following other users. Following other users will encourage more people to follow you and therefore extend your reach, and who wants that?

#2 Only login once every few weeks 

A not so well kept secret of successful Twitter failers is making sure to only login once very few weeks. This will prevent you from maintaining regular contact with others users and will ensure you do not build any meaningful relationships. 

#3 Don't start conversations with other users

Whatever you do, make sure you don't EVER start conversations with other users. This will facilitate the building of relationships with potential customers - a sure-fire way to not failing on Twitter. Instead, we recommend that you use auto-tweeting software that indiscriminately sends promotional tweets to any users who mention keywords relevant to your business. This will help you to drive away potential customers and as a bonus, you will dramatically decrease your credibility. 

#4 Ensure all your tweets are self-promotional

One of the oldest tricks in the book, borrowed from our traditionalist B2B marketers, is to create purely self-promotional content. Every single tweet you send should promote your business and your products. It's important that you completely ignore the problems of your potential customers by only reflecting your own business' perspective, touting whatever shiny new product or feature you've just released.

#5 Send auto direct messages 

Another great fail tactic on Twitter is setting up automatic direct messages. Savvy Twitter users rarely read auto DM's and often unfollow users who send them. You can further increase the likelihood of failure by using DM's to ask people to "like" your equally spammy Facebook page.

Failing Can Impact Revenue

Obviously, following these steps can result in a negative perception of your brand's Twitter page, which indirectly affects the bottom line. If you actually want to succeed by generating revenue from your social media efforts, be helpful, genuine, and seek to educate.

To learn more about the link between social media and revenue, please download our article:

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Do you have any Twitter failures or successes you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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