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How to develop a B2B marketing strategy to grow your business

"51% of B2B Companies don't have a B2B Marketing Strategy."

One Key ingredient to grow your business is marketing success by aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals. Having a clear and measurable sales and marketing strategy to succesfully grow your sales and marketing leads is more important now than ever before, due to competition and the buyers process of researching online to make their decision!

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4 easy ways to get your business' marketing out of the Dark Ages

Some business leaders are hesitant to embrace digital marketing, believing it to be a complex and costly exercise that requires a complete overhaul of traditional processes. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can effectively modernise your marketing with a few tweaks here and there. The key is to develop complimentary tactics that enhance your existing strategies and improve the way your business relates to consumers.

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How to solve the world's oldest B2B marketing problem

Whenever we rebuild a B2B go-to-market strategy for a client, or run a course for B2B marketers the one issue that never fails to raise its ugly head, is the misalignment between marketing and sales. Delegates shake their head or shrug their shoulders as if to say “what can we do, it's just the way it is, sales and marketing are like oil and water." But it doesn’t have to be this way. In order to get your marketing and sales aligned, you need to set a common framework that both functions can align around and then set the corresponding KPIs.

But where do you start?

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Personal To Professional: You Are Your Own Brand

I used to think of brands only in terms of companies and businesses. But with our worlds being more and more socially and digitally connected this has now fundamentally changed, to quote Barry Feldman: “You, my friend, are a brand”. Whether we aim to be or not, we’re all brands. And social media is one of the fundamental ways we manage these personal brands.

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How to close the Talent Gap in the Digital Era

The digital transformation of organisations is forcing senior executives to rethink leadership and all key aspects that come with it. The subject is high on business leaders’ agendas according to McKinsey & Co: “As businesses continue to embrace digital tools and technologies, C level executives say they are stepping up their own involvement in shaping and driving digital strategies. This is vital to the success of digital programs, as survey respondents most often cite a lack of senior-management interest as the reason for an initiative’s failure.“

So how should senior managers change their approach to leadership of marketing teams? And how can they support their marketing teams in regards to the shift of skills needed in today's digitally driven world?

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Google Ads – revenue machine or branding aid?

by Michelle Fondacaro

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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2014

Mid last year, Forbes, rightly so, predicted an inevitable shift towards Content and Inbound Marketing. One year on, this prediction has turned into reality. Content is more in demand than ever and traditional marketing agencies have made the move to online and towards Inbound. Now, an established marketing method, the concept itself has started evolving. Online as a playing field, provides us with endless challenges, not only because it’s an ever evolving and changing space but because trends and hypes emerge and die faster than anywhere else.  As someone who uses the medium for business purposes, you need to be aware of any shift, as small as it may seem, in order to be successful and get the most out of what we now call Inbound. With 2014’s marketing shift came a wave of change, from the emergence of location-based content marketing to the rise of marketing automation, here are the top 5 digital marketing trends, you need to know about right now!


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3 Essentials for Sales and Marketing Alignment


According to a study by MathMarketing and Marketo, aligning your marketing and sales can improve your business drastically. In numbers this means your business can:

  • Get 67% better at closing sales;
  • Enjoy 108% better lead acceptance; and
  • Generate 209% more from Marketing.

Sales and marketing alignment is great for your business. But in order to be able to practice it successfully, you need to understand what this alignment demands. In this blog, we’ll help you understand exactly what you’re meant to align within your business to achieve best results.  

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Top 5 digital marketing know-hows that will empower your campaign

Digital marketing is nothing new; we’ve been doing it for years. However, the methods, tools and skills needed to implement a successful digital B2B marketing campaign, or any campaign for that matter, are forever changing and evolving. So what are the key must-haves you need to know about in order to create a strong strategy?


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