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Why Inbound Marketing may not be right for your business

Out with the old, in with the new… that’s how the saying goes, right? This can be applied to many things in life, be they bad habits, unhealthy relationships, perishable goods... Ever since the term ‘Inbound Marketing’ entered our vocabularies, it’s been touted as the new and improved way of marketing, relegating its predecessor, outbound marketing, to the ‘what not to do’ category. But just because Inbound Marketing has proved to be more effective in engaging buyers and generating leads doesn’t mean outbound methods should be discounted altogether.

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5 Ways To Use Technology & Tactics For B2B Lead generation

To say that technology has changed lead generation would be a massive understatement. Technology has revolutionised B2B lead generation - it has transformed the buyer’s way of thinking and made many traditional B2B lead generation tactics redundant or increasingly ineffective.

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Cold Calling vs. Warm Calling: What's Best for B2B Marketers?

Derek Singleton of Software Advice - a marketing automation software review firm - recently hosted a live Google+ debate titled, “Does Cold Calling Still Work?” to discuss amongst a panel of marketing and sales experts whether cold calling is still an effective marketing strategy today.

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Is Outbound or Inbound Marketing Best for B2B Marketers?

This blog doesn't answer this question...simply because it's the wrong question to be asking in the first place.

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