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What is a Pillar Page? (and why it matters for your SEO strategy)

Just when you thought you understood SEO...How you get ranked by the search engines has changed...


And this time its a big change which has some significant implications for B2B Marketers. The way you design your site, your content and the keywords you chose will all need to change. The following article was published in September 2017 by HubSpot. 

Human search behaviors have changed, and so have the technologies used to interpret and serve up search results. Optimising blog content to rank for long-tail keywords is no longer the best way to rank in search engine results -- and your blog architecture has something to do with that.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the ways search has changed, the scoop on topic clusters, and how pillar pages fit into the equation.

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A recap of 2014's major Google Algorithm Changes

As tech-savvy inbound marketers, we are constantly on the look-out for software and technology updates. We hang out on industry blogs and partake in the occasional web chat, all in a bid to stay ‘in the know’. We  understand that sometimes, the combination of constant updates and a hectic workload means that acute changes to software gets missed.

To make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest and greatest changes in SEO, we’ve compiled a list of the significant Google algorithm updates from the last 12 months. Major Google algorithm updates usually happen a few times a year, but this past year has seen some of the most significant revisions to date. So, for all you savvy business owners looking to try new strategies, and to all you SEO and search professionals that may need a quick refresher, here you go! 

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3 Search Engine Optimisation Tips to Amp up a B2B Marketing Strategy

A major part in your b2b marketing strategy should be Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website. The whole point of SEO is to make your website visible organically in search engine results. When your buyer persona searches the web using certain keywords you want your website appearing on the first page of search results, preferably in the number one position or at least in the top 10. So what can you do to help make that happen? We've compiled a list of 3 simple tips that you can action today. This blog post is not going to help you conquer all aspects of SEO but it will help you to analyse your website and ensure that you have some of the basics covered to make it easier for potential buyers to find you.

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The Business Owner’s Guide to an Effective Lead Generation Engine

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past few years, you know that lead generation is now more than just buying lists and cold calling. Inbound marketing and new technology have breathed new life into lead generation, giving us access to a variety of tools at our fingertips. Despite this, success in generating qualified leads is not dependent on using these tools.

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5 Ways To Use Technology & Tactics For B2B Lead generation

To say that technology has changed lead generation would be a massive understatement. Technology has revolutionised B2B lead generation - it has transformed the buyer’s way of thinking and made many traditional B2B lead generation tactics redundant or increasingly ineffective.

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3 Google Tips For Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

Attracting buyers to your site through SEO is becoming harder, thanks to search ranking getting way smarter and more and more personalised to the searcher.

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3 Ways B2B Marketers Can Stand Out in Online Search Results

You know why online search is so valuable for B2B marketing, so I won't go into that. What I will do is list out key points of interest from Mediative's The Buyersphere Project's eyetracking research about the way your buyers are using online search.

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Is buyer intent a part of your B2B marketing strategy?

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Buyer-Driven SEO: Let Buyers Drive Your B2B Keyword Strategy!

Keywords play an essential part in online lead generation and this is one of the first hurdles to overcome before you begin your inbound marketing marathon. 

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6 Online Marketing Trends for 2013 for B2B Marketers

Times are changing and successful B2B marketers need to stay ahead of the online marketing game.

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