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The rise and rise of marketing automation: The death of ad-hoc

Ad-hoc marketing is great if you need to fill a gap in your marketing timeline but let’s be clear, ad-hoc marketing is not a lead generation model which will drive business results or success, rather the opposite.

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Automate vs. Personalise: The Marketing Automation Dilemma

Are you at a fork in the road contemplating a marketing automation tool? Are you worried about losing the personal touch with your valued customers and prospects with marketing automation? No need to furrow that brow of yours! Marketing automation has flourished on the premise of helping marketers deliver automated, yet personalised communication.All marketing automation tools are built to help you conduct effective inbound marketing. When used correctly, it can become your powerful inbound marketing machine, nurturing your leads silently in the background. In this blog we discuss how a marketing automation tool allows you to personalise your marketing efforts:

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The three types of content B2B marketers need to generate leads

Most B2B marketers have understood the vital role that content plays in modern marketing. Some argue it has ever been thus and largely, they are correct. But many B2B marketers are struggling to build a cohesive content marketing strategy. Have you nailed your organisation's content marketing plan for 2013?

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Why B2B Marketers Should Be Pro's at Dating

How would you feel if you went on a first date and they popped 'the question'?

Precisely. So why do some B2B marketers go straight from ‘Hi we are Company X’… to ‘buy our stuff, it's great!’?

Okay, so marriage is a slightly bigger decision than buying a product/service but the principle is just the same.

Unlike some B2C buyers, B2B buyers aren’t impulsive; they need TLC, encouragement and reassurance before they buy.

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10 Must-Have Features for Your B2B Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation is seen as the saviour for many hard-up B2B marketers, whether they are hard-up for budget or hard-up for time. It also holds the keys to another tantalising promise; the ability to really measure your campaigns across the whole go-to-market funnel and determine the marketing ROI of your campaign tactics.

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Lead nurturing: Marketing Sherpa reveals shocking data

One of the key challenges for B2B Marketers is to do a much better job of identifying and then closing the gap between an unqualified website visitor or lead who visits your landing page and downloads a document or two, and real genuine sales ready lead, who has a real problem your firm is in the business of fixing.

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Lead Scoring: Turning prospects into profit

The internet is marvellous. What an incredible resource! Its no wonder every time you want to buy something you fire up Google and start typing. Research shows in the world of B2B over 80% of purchasers feel they found their supplier, not the other way round. What a revolution!

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B2B Marketing: Findings from Marketing Sherpa's 2011 Report: Part 1

Marketing Sherpa's 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report is out and there are some telling findings. Its well worth the investment. I am writing a number of blogs to bring you some highlights and our thoughts on what they mean:

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