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Email Nurture Campaign Strategy for B2B Marketing Made Simple

Great, you've got a list of contacts. Now what? Send them a generic promotional email and hope for the best? Good luck with that. In B2B marketing, the fact of the matter is, if you don't email your leads something suited to where they are at in the buyers cycle, specific to their business problems, they won't be interested. So how do you know where they are in the buyers cycle and what to say to them in order to generate some significant sales? I'm about to reveal!

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5 magic lead conversion strategies to help maximise business growth

Lead generation is at the forefront of the marketing and sales world. Increasing traffic, attracting potential buyers and engaging with them has been continually emphasised in the context of inbound marketing - bringing the buyer to you. Lead generation is the next step, after grabbing the attention of your market. Here are 5 lead conversion strategies that can strengthen and help maximise business growth.

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How to chase your prospects in style

Potential client engagement can be tricky – you might have a great initial interaction with a prospect but then you're slowly being phased out. What at first seemed like a blossoming friendship, now seems more like the awkward end of a troubled relationship. Your lead has stopped responding to your messages and won't even pick up your calls. So what can you do to re-engage with your potential client without seeming needy? The  flowchart below by HouseHunt.com, which  HubSpot also recently picked up, will give you the answers you need and show you how to chase your prospects in style.

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The rise and rise of marketing automation: The death of ad-hoc

Ad-hoc marketing is great if you need to fill a gap in your marketing timeline but let’s be clear, ad-hoc marketing is not a lead generation model which will drive business results or success, rather the opposite.

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How to Set the Right B2B Marketing Budget

As we all know, there is no one figure deemed to be the best marketing budget. It’s an amount relative to the organisation, its resources and its target objectives.

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3 Hot Tips For Managers To Improve Your Lead Generation Process

The increasingly digital world in which we all live is a giant portal of buying information and data; a tsunami of content at the fingertips of any purchaser with an Internet connection, which lets face it - Is everyone, all the time on any device.

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A Business Leader's Guide to B2B Lead Nurturing

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A Business Owner's Guide to Better Lead Generation in 3 Steps

The way your buyer's purchase and your competitors are going to market is changing rapidly and fundamentally. Many business owners are finding their tried and trusted lead generation techniques and tactics are failing to yield sufficient results.

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4 Common Lead Nurturing Mistakes B2B Marketers Make

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How to become a B2B marketing Casanova: An infographic

Moving your B2B leads through the buying process is like courting your true love!

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