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Understand how & why you need to buy a marketing automation platform

Marketing automation tools are the not-so-secret weapon for B2B marketers. It allows you to focus on thinking... designing and creating compelling lead generation campaigns, rather than the doing...as the automation software should do the grunt work for you.

Sounds great right? Well yes, but making a decision on which automation platform suits your needs best, requires some thinking and some research. Here is a list of topics to consider:

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What CEOs need to know before investing in marketing automation software

The data revolution known as ‘martech’ has swept the marketing industry, and forward-thinking organisations are starting to align their marketing departments with the new technology-driven business environment. Marketing automation software has transformed a discipline notoriously difficult to measure in terms of effectiveness and therefore budgetary requirements into one driven by data and aligned with the rest of the business. The marketing department is now responsible for more of the customer lifecycle, and this means focusing less on channels and internal processes. According to The Global 2015 Digital Marketer study conducted by Experian, 31 per cent of businesses in Australia and New Zealand are prioritising the integration of marketing automation technology this year.

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Inbound Marketing – A Game of Thrones?

You're a true believer in Inbound Marketing and a Game of Thrones devotee? Believe it or not, those two things go hand in hand! Just as the battle of the houses in the popular TV series, marketing's many channels are at war. And no matter how much we would like them to make peace and unify, hostility seems to persist. While your marketing blunders probably won't result in a bloodbath, the reprocussions of a failed campaign can be financially fatal. So believe me when I say, your daily struggles and the Stark family's are rather indistinguishable. 

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Budgeting for marketing in 2015: Following the buyer's lead

As we’ve said in previous blogs there is no one figure deemed to be the best marketing budget for all businesses. It’s an amount relative to the organisation’s size, age, its resources and its target objectives.

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5 Reasons Content Marketing Isn’t Effective

Research by the Content Marketing Institute uncovered that 93% of Australian marketers surveyed have used some form of content marketing over the past year. What’s staggering is that only 33% of them found content marketing to be effective.

Why is this the case? 

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The rise and rise of marketing automation: The death of ad-hoc

Ad-hoc marketing is great if you need to fill a gap in your marketing timeline but let’s be clear, ad-hoc marketing is not a lead generation model which will drive business results or success, rather the opposite.

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Automate vs. Personalise: The Marketing Automation Dilemma

Are you at a fork in the road contemplating a marketing automation tool? Are you worried about losing the personal touch with your valued customers and prospects with marketing automation? No need to furrow that brow of yours! Marketing automation has flourished on the premise of helping marketers deliver automated, yet personalised communication.All marketing automation tools are built to help you conduct effective inbound marketing. When used correctly, it can become your powerful inbound marketing machine, nurturing your leads silently in the background. In this blog we discuss how a marketing automation tool allows you to personalise your marketing efforts:

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The Science of Marketing: Why Measured Marketing is No Longer Enough

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18 Signs You Should Sack Your Marketing Director

As a business owner, you don’t know as much as you need to in order to market your business successfully, that’s why you hired a Marketing Director. But sadly, even in-house Marketing Directors may not be the best move - some of them are stuck in their ways or not aware of current developments.

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How to Set the Right B2B Marketing Budget

As we all know, there is no one figure deemed to be the best marketing budget. It’s an amount relative to the organisation, its resources and its target objectives.

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