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Marketing for non profits: Embrace the digital era and get heard


As a not-for-profit organisation, you are painfully aware of the high costs of marketing – even more so than anyone else.  You also know that you can’t always justify investing in your marketing, as ROI is often sparse and there are plenty of other departments to worry about. But why is it so hard to attract buyers these days? 

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How to Establish a Consistent Brand Voice Throughout Your Marketing


Finding your company's tone of voice is an essential part of the brand creation process. A consistent brand voice across all content can not only make a company stand out from the crowd, but also help attract customers. And not just any customers – the right customers. If you speak your target market's language, they will listen to you and respond. 

In a recent article for the Content Marketing Institute, Dr Andrew Bredenkamp reveals 12 secrets to creating a consistent brand voice. Here are two examples:

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