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What Finding Nemo Can Teach Us About Personalised Marketing

We all know Dory from Finding Nemo – the anterograde amnesia suffering fish whose memory continually resets (see what I mean here). Cute, yes, but Dory’s inability to remember anything means that she is left friendless as those around her grow impatient with constant repetition.

So, what does this have to do with personalisation? Well, if you’re still using a one-size-fits-all marketing approach, you’re not much better than this forgetful fish. And while Dory’s condition is played for laughs in the film, when it comes to your marketing, amnesia is serious business.

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Automate vs. Personalise: The Marketing Automation Dilemma

Are you at a fork in the road contemplating a marketing automation tool? Are you worried about losing the personal touch with your valued customers and prospects with marketing automation? No need to furrow that brow of yours! Marketing automation has flourished on the premise of helping marketers deliver automated, yet personalised communication.All marketing automation tools are built to help you conduct effective inbound marketing. When used correctly, it can become your powerful inbound marketing machine, nurturing your leads silently in the background. In this blog we discuss how a marketing automation tool allows you to personalise your marketing efforts:

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Being Human: The Best B2B Marketing Strategy

As online marketing grows up, buyers are smarter than ever before about how they're being marketed to - meaning they're much less receptive to marketing messages. This presents a challenge for B2B marketers: how can we gain their attention, trust and respect with limited marketing dollars and a sea of competition?

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4 Common Lead Nurturing Mistakes B2B Marketers Make

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6 Online Marketing Trends for 2013 for B2B Marketers

Times are changing and successful B2B marketers need to stay ahead of the online marketing game.

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3 Dangerous Assumptions B2B Marketers Make About Decision-Makers

You've heard the old adage; "don't assume, it makes an ass out of "u" and me", but unfortunately, it's all too easy for B2B marketers to forget.

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3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Strategy is Failing

The end goal for social media in a B2B context is lead generation and revenue. However, all too often great social content can be lost in the online abyss of 'marketing la-la land', resulting in content that's not distributed through the right channels, to the right people, in a circumstance-specific manner.

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If Content is King for B2B Marketers, then Context is God!

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