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7 Essential Website Attributes B2B Marketers Need To Generate Leads

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The 4 Major Buyer Roles you may encounter in a complex B2B sale

In B2B selling a sales rep may not meet a prospect face to face until they are well into the later stages of their buyer's journey. So when it comes to the crunch, the sales rep needs to be able to identify straight away what type of buyer role the prospect has taken up, and cater communication to their specific concerns. In this SlideShare we explain how a sales rep can get their deal across the line by exploring the top four buyer roles and what's important to them.

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Forget About Your Product, Think About Your Buyers!

In the world of marketing, we’re all familiar with The Four Ps – product, price, promotion and place. This principle of marketing was held strongly by businesses and marketers alike for decades, until it was highlighted that there is something very wrong with the four Ps. Promoting a great product in the right places at a reasonable price is all well and good, but there’s no mention about the customer, the buyer or the people that you are targeting for the product.

It was only when theorists considered the service industry that they recognised the importance of people in marketing and expanded The Four Ps into Seven Ps to include process and physical environment, in addition to people. But even then, the process was inverted as the focus is on creating the product or service rather than the customer whom the product / service is meant for, reducing customers to a mere afterthought.

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7 Key Website Features That Are Helping Businesses Generate Leads


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Stand Out by Helping Out: How Customer Centricity Can Help you Win Business

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The Key to B2B Businesses Growth: Understanding Your Buyers Journey

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Hubspot Gets Smarter - The New Content Optimisation System

Hubspot has just rolled out their exciting new software for customers. The update is sure to help streamline your marketing campaigns, making it easier for you to attract leads, generate sales and ultimately make more money.

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A Business Owner's Guide to Better Lead Generation in 3 Steps

The way your buyer's purchase and your competitors are going to market is changing rapidly and fundamentally. Many business owners are finding their tried and trusted lead generation techniques and tactics are failing to yield sufficient results.

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New Research: How B2B CXO's buy. The implications for B2B Marketers

B2B Marketers, sales and product managers need to adapt their tactics and content assets to the changes in the CXO buyer’s journey in order to win the attention of CXOs and improve their chances of commercial success.

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3 Ways B2B Marketers Can Stand Out in Online Search Results

You know why online search is so valuable for B2B marketing, so I won't go into that. What I will do is list out key points of interest from Mediative's The Buyersphere Project's eyetracking research about the way your buyers are using online search.

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