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How to use LinkedIn for effective B2B lead generation

Many Australian B2B firms can increase there marketing reach using a social media strategy that includes LinkedIn.

When talking to B2B companies about their marketing strategy, I ask if social media and LinkedIn in particular has a place in their communications and marketing plans. I generally get a look that is best be described as worried or hesitant and occasionally dismissive.

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Social media: The tricky transition from personal to business

We have all figured out by now that social media is a pretty powerful tool – for your personal brand as well as your business’ marketing. The web is littered with social media success stories where individuals have become influencers and organisations have grown ten-fold with a little social-savviness. However, one hurdle that many run into when building their social strategies is where personal ends and business begins.

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5 things you need to know about social media so you won’t look stupid in front of the interns

My dad can be best described as ‘old school’. He’s not the most technology-savvy individual. He has been known to once or twice ‘lose the interweb’ – by minimizing a page – and scares himself with an accidental selfie on a regular basis. However, his most memorable digital blunder happened when I had just started as an intern at g2m Solutions. I had just published my first blog post and my dad, being the proud poppa that he is, wanted to help me out.
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How to get your readers to click through on social media (without pissing them off)

For as long as I can remember, my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds have been stuffed full of posts convincing you to click through with their manipulative titles and enticing images. This, my friends, is known as click bait. Click bait is a nasty, deceptive and quite often tacky way of getting social media followers to your website. Having a scroll through my own Facebook feed, the following shameful click baits appeared:

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Why A Social Media Policy Will Do Your Business More Harm Than Good

You can’t be blamed for thinking that your company must have a social media policy. Take one look online and you’ll be convinced that such a document is essential. Sure, if you want to quash any creativity or individuality your employees bring to your organisation, a social media policy is great. But, if you’d rather create a culture of motivated brand ambassadors and an interactive online community, then steer clear.

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Personal To Professional: You Are Your Own Brand

I used to think of brands only in terms of companies and businesses. But with our worlds being more and more socially and digitally connected this has now fundamentally changed, to quote Barry Feldman: “You, my friend, are a brand”. Whether we aim to be or not, we’re all brands. And social media is one of the fundamental ways we manage these personal brands.

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Social Media Marketing: Does Age Matter?

Thanks to the Internet and developments in technology, those born after 1980 have grown up very differently from the generations before them, resulting in a ‘digital generation gap’. As digital natives, Gen Ys engage with each other in ways that older generations struggle to understand. They use smartphones more than any other age group and are much more prolific on social media. So, when it comes to deciding who’s best to run your business’ social media accounts, should this come into consideration?

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Top 5 marketers and social media gurus to stalk

We’ve collected some interesting information on who we think are some of the top 5 marketers and social media gurus that you should keep an eye on…or at least start social media stalking them asap!

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The rise and rise of marketing automation: The death of ad-hoc

Ad-hoc marketing is great if you need to fill a gap in your marketing timeline but let’s be clear, ad-hoc marketing is not a lead generation model which will drive business results or success, rather the opposite.

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The Business Owner’s Guide to an Effective Lead Generation Engine

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past few years, you know that lead generation is now more than just buying lists and cold calling. Inbound marketing and new technology have breathed new life into lead generation, giving us access to a variety of tools at our fingertips. Despite this, success in generating qualified leads is not dependent on using these tools.

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