5 Ways Thought Leadership Enables Your Sales Team

When it comes to winning business, thought leadership and demonstrating high-quality thinking reign supreme - and now it's official!

FT Longitude's (A content strategy firm owned by the Financial Times) Gareth Lofthouse authored a survey of over 2,600 senior executives, and at the top of their priority list was the "quality of a firm's ideas and their thought leadership." This places high-value content at the forefront of sales enablement, outshining conventional tactics like pricing and product strength.

The true game-changer, your competitive edge, lies in the ideas, insights and understanding that your organisation has. It puts you in pole position to win and keep business.

Here we summarise the 5 ways thought leadership can enable your sales team:

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The AI Challenge: Standing Out in the Era of Copycat Content

The impact of AI technology on B2B sales and marketing is a lot less dramatic and dsystopian than in many areas,  where it may pose some genuinely scary threats to life as we know it. However, it is already bringing opportunities and challenges for many B2B marketers and salespeople.

One early challenge for B2B go-to-market teams is the proliferation of copycat content generated by AI algorithms. If you think your target audience are experiencing digital fatigue now -  you ain't seen nothing yet!  Soon your heartfelt blog, proven sales playbook, LinkedIn post, carefully crafted case studies and artfully created eBooks will be swamped by a Tsunami of competently written but utterly vanilla schlock.  Your ability to influence your buyers as they move through their buying journey maybe be forever weakened.

In this blog post, we will provide some suggestions that we hope will help businesses to stand out in the era of copycat content. By focusing on unique value propositions, personalised messaging, human connection, creativity and trust, you can differentiate your brand and make a lasting impact in the crowded digital space.

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