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7 Implications For B2B Marketers From The Latest "Economist" Survey

A survey by the well respected Economist Intelligence Unit called "Service 2020: Megatrends For The Decade Ahead", is based on the forecasts of 479 business-leaders across the world, including about 50 from Australia. The businesses range from large to small, with a spread across regions and sectors.

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The Numbers Speak! Why B2B Marketers Should Use Video Content

It's no secret that business video can be used to increase leads. But if you're like most small to medium B2B marketers, crafting and distributing a steady stream of video content is just not something you're planning for - in the near future, at least. Many B2B marketers feel it's just too hard, it's outside their skill set, and it's far too complex and pricey to even consider, especially with all the other marketing tactics you've got on your plate to deliver.

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How B2B Marketers Must Adjust to Shrinking Deal Sizes

According to Marketing Sherpa data just released, average B2B deal sizes are shrinking. What does this mean for the B2B Marketer? Its implications are highly significant.

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How to Plan for Lead Generation Success

Delivering a steady flow of leads to your business development team is the number one priority for B2B Marketers. Its a constant activity that if done well creates that all important momentum. Here's what you'll need to define for your B2B marketing plan:

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Top 5 locations for "Call To Action" Buttons for lead generation

Converting site visitors to leads is a fundamental early step in making your site a lead generation machine.  Call to action buttons are a key tool. This blog shares some of g2m Solutions' ideas and experiences of what works.

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How to turn marketing strategy into campaigns that deliver: A B2B Marketers guide

It's a new year, you have returned to work with your batteries recharged, you are ready to fire up! You have a beautiful, freshly minted, marketing strategy. The highly paid consultants have left, the new plan has been rolled out at your all staff meeting, new drink coasters have been distributed to the team printed with your new mission statement! 

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