Top Tips For Using Landing Page Forms For Lead Conversion

It may seem to some like a trivial detail in the overall scheme of your marketing campaign but B2B marketers ignore the landing page form at their peril! The wrong landing page can significantly reduce your lead conversion ratio. B2B Marketers should have a good hard think about what goes into each form field and test how it effects your conversion rate.

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How To Make Visitors Fall In Love With Your Landing Pages

Are you in love with your landing pages? Does you heart beat just a little faster when you check out its form fields and gaze longingly at its stunning Calls-To-Action?

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It's Official: Google Loves Content! How Should B2B Marketers Respond?

When Google announces a change to the internet's best kept secret, the Google search algorithm (the mechanism that decides who gets onto the first page of your search request), B2B marketers around the world quickly sit upright and listen!

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How To Use Content To Build An 'Influencer Architecture'

How do you effectively distribute your content to your target market?

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How To Nurture Leads Using Email: 6 Top Tips For B2B Marketers

Is email a marketing tool that has had its day? We hear so much about the effectiveness of new social media communication methods, perhaps it's time for email to hang up its boots, sit back and enjoy a well-earned retirement.

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Why B2B Buyers Are Scared: And How B2B Marketers Can Help!

Though we'd like to think that the we buy things is based on a logical examination of the facts after following a strict evaluation process, when it comes down to it, we're human, and we buy based on emotion. It's an easy concept when in a B2C environment, but does this still hold true in the world of the B2B buyer?

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How To Integrate Your Inbound & Outbound B2B Marketing Tactics

A B2B marketers' life is tough! Keeping up in an industry where 'so many tactics and not enough resources' is the constant catch cry, can be extremely challenging. When we speak to our B2B marketing clients their problems often come from having inadequate resources to implement their marketing strategy effectively. However, when we dig below the surface, it's more about a lack of time and experience in integrating inbound and outbound marketing tactics.

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How To Put The 'Marketing' Into 'Content Marketing'

It's not enough to thoughtfully map out your content strategy if you fail to safely deliver your message directly into the hands of your target audience.

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