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New research: Marketers report strong switch to inbound marketing

Here is a short summary slideshare presentation on the results of a very large survey of marketers carried out by Hubspot. It provides a treasure chest of great data for marketers and particularly managers seeking to build support withing the management team.

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How to build buyer personas that work: A B2B Marketer's guide

Content marketing is rightly undergoing a renaissance. It's seen as the key to engaging with your target audience when your buyers are (almost) all going online to commence their buying journey (over 80% of B2B buyers according to Forrester.)

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Cold Calling vs. Warm Calling: What's Best for B2B Marketers?

Derek Singleton of Software Advice - a marketing automation software review firm - recently hosted a live Google+ debate titled, “Does Cold Calling Still Work?” to discuss amongst a panel of marketing and sales experts whether cold calling is still an effective marketing strategy today.

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Mobile Optimisation Must-Haves for B2B Marketers

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A B2B Marketer's Review of 5 Major Social Networks

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Being Human: The Best B2B Marketing Strategy

As online marketing grows up, buyers are smarter than ever before about how they're being marketed to - meaning they're much less receptive to marketing messages. This presents a challenge for B2B marketers: how can we gain their attention, trust and respect with limited marketing dollars and a sea of competition?

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