Shocking new data on Australian SMB's use of the internet

There are some shocking statistics in new research from The MYOB Business Monitor regarding small businesses in Australia.

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Top 5 tough questions B2B Marketers should ask their marketing agency

Smart B2B Marketers know the power of their website to do more than simply look good and be their online brochure. Good site design, ongoing management and maintenance is about one thing and one thing only, driving good quality leads for your business.

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Using email to drive sales ready leads. New Marketing Sherpa data

It seems the top tactics used by firms to increase relevancy in their email marketing is changing! Typically firms have relied on segmenting their database along the lines of explicit data they knew about their contact database, such as company size, industry sector and so on.

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Top tips for B2B Marketers: Go green...recycle your leads!

A question. What should you do with prospects who have leaked from your sales funnel? That is, those folks who have expressed and interest in your products or services and yet, for one reason or another, have chosen not to proceed.

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Lead Scoring: Turning prospects into profit

The internet is marvellous. What an incredible resource! Its no wonder every time you want to buy something you fire up Google and start typing. Research shows in the world of B2B over 80% of purchasers feel they found their supplier, not the other way round. What a revolution!

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Content Marketing; Top 10 "must do's" to deliver quality leads

Content marketing is the new face of B2B Marketing. Plain and simple. If you are a B2B marketer, you have to think about your content strategy and get it right, it's really that important.

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Australian B2B Marketers: Implement landing pages to drive leads

Here is some great data from Marketing Sherpa, showing results from a survey of 1,100 marketers. They rank how effective various tactics are for driving traffic to their site and converting them to real leads. Top of the list is implementing unique, campaign specific landing pages and second is optimising the design and content for conversion.

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How to beat the business blogging blues

content based marketing and have outlined some key principles behind creating effective content.

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