10 Rules To Generate Leads Via Content Marketing

Content marketing is the new black. It's just sooooo fashionable!

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Blogging: The Swiss Army Knife of B2B Marketing

Don’t be fooled by its unglamorous appearance and unassuming nature. Your blog is your most powerful survival tool in the B2B marketing jungle.

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The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide to Content Distribution

In the world of B2B marketing, creating content is only half the battle. There’s little use in spending hours creating high quality content if nobody ever finds it. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a content distribution plan.

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10 Handy Time-Saving Tools for B2B Marketers

Time is a valuable thing. B2B marketers often don’t notice it go by as the pendulum swings.

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The Secret to Being a B2B Marketing Rockstar: Maths

In many organisations, it's an eyebrow-raising moment when the words "marketing" and "maths" are uttered in the same sentence. 

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The Green B2B Marketing Solution: Lead Recycling

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: 13 Proven Ways to Fail at B2B Blogging

There are a myriad of ways to fail at blogging for business, in fact, too many! So we had to hack down this list to the top thirteen:

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New Data Confirms Content is King of SEO - B2B Marketers Must Adapt

New data from a Marketing Sherpa survey of more than 1,500 search marketers has revealed that more than 50% of CMOs see content creation as a very effective tactic to improve SEO rankings. Keyword research followed closely behind, with 43% finding this strategy very effective. External link building has slid to 5th place, with 35% rating it as very effective.

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How To Be Interesting on Pinterest: A Guide for B2B Marketers

Just when us B2B marketers were getting comfortable with social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin, out comes a new contender for our time - Pinterest. Now if Pinterest were insignificant, and it was about as popular as Google's Buzz (sorry Google!), we'd probably leave it be until we were sure it was worth investing time in. But alas, as of February 2012, Pinterest reported 10.4 million users, with each visitor averaging 97.8 minutes on the site, 83% of which are 18-34 year old females.

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Focus: The Heart of B2B Marketing Strategy Success

It's just SO tempting for B2B marketers to want to target large juicy market segments and market an ever increasing portfolio of products to that audience. 

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