Blogging: The Swiss Army Knife of B2B Marketing

swiss army knifeDon’t be fooled by its unglamorous appearance and unassuming nature. Your blog is your most powerful survival tool in the B2B marketing jungle.

Just like a swiss army knife, it can perform a multitude of functions required for survival. These functions include:

Traffic Generation

It doesn’t matter how amazing your website is if nobody comes to visit. But how does one go about attracting new website visitors?

Blog to the rescue!

Writing blog posts and distributing them via social media, social bookmarking sites, RSS and email will help you to get found by new people.


One of toughest challenges in B2B marketing is getting your website to rank highly for relevant keyword phrases. To improve your rankings, you need to feed hungry search engine spiders with quality content. But how does one do this?

Blog to the rescue! 

Blog posts are the ultimate food source for search engine spiders. If your website is correctly optimised, when a search engine spider comes to visit, it will index all new posts under relevant search terms. The more interlinked posts you have and the more links your posts receive, the higher your blog posts will rank in the SERPs. 

Social Engagement

Managing social media communities is hard work. Users are always hungry for content and if you don’t feed them enough, they’ll jump ship to try their luck elsewhere.  But does how does one satisfy a social media community’s hunger for content?

Blog to the rescue!

Blog posts provide social media communities with the energy and engagement required to grow and prosper.

Lead Generation

So you’ve got traffic coming to your site. You’re well on the way to survival. But how does one convert traffic into business? The first step is to convert visitors into leads.

Blog to the rescue!

A blog post is an ideal location to place calls to action that direct to lead converting landing pages. 

Lead Nurturing

Now you’ve got leads. High five! But it’s not over yet. Now you need to nurture them into sales-ready leads (i.e. so they’re ready to pass over to your sales team). But how does one nurture newby leads into sales-ready leads?

Blog to the rescue!

Writing blog posts that address buyer challenges and link to thought leadership and educational content, helps leads to complete the journey through the buying cycle until they’re ready to be contacted by sales. 

Lead Recycling

Funnel leakage is inevitable. But just because someone leaks from your funnel, that doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. But how does one keep leaked leads in the loop?

Blog to the rescue!

You can keep leaked leads engaged by continuing to write blog posts that address buyer challenges and provide helpful tips and advice. This will help to keep your leaked leads in the loop until they're finally ready to move to the next stage of the buying cycle. 

Learn how to blog more effectively

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