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6 Questions To Ask Yourself About Content

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Why B2B Marketers Should Invest in Organic Traffic for SEO

Announced by Google in August this year, a record hit of 3 billion searches are being made per day – a notable increase since 2011 where figures were just above 1.5 billion. So what’s important about this?

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6 Types of Content That Enhance Your B2B Marketing Campaigns

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Content Marketing for Your Buyer Personas

In our most recent post, The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide to Building Buyer Personas, we explored the how tos and whys of buyer personas. Today, we want to give you some useful tips on writing for these personas. Creating content that makes your audience think "Yes this is for me."

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The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide to Building Buyer Personas

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4 Killer Twitter Tips for B2B Marketers

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8 Grammar Mistakes B2B Marketers Should Make

The English Teacher. It’s a universal icon: grey curls, floral frock, pearl necklace, that hairspray smell. Almost all of us had one. And if yours was anything like mine, you learnt a bunch of hard-and-fast rules that were to be as certain as death and taxes. But, they’re not. Sorry Mrs Borland but times r’ a changin’.

Language rules are changing to match online consumption habits. Because we’re always connected and always consuming media we’re becoming progressively more time poor. Reading catchy headlines in an RSS feed or finding a witty Tweet that links us to a handy infographic happens while ordering coffee, fixing our cruddy left earphone and accepting an iCal meeting invite.

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Marketing analytics for B2B Marketers: An infographic

Check out our exciting new infographic that illustrates how B2B Marketers can use marketing analytics to get "the keys to the boardroom"! (If you like it please consider sharing it using the social media sharing buttons at the top of this blog, or you can use the embed code at the bottom of the blog.)

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3 Things B2B Marketers Shouldn't Automate

Let's face it - there are some things that B2B marketers just shouldn't automate.

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