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Forget about Quantity, Lead Generation Calls for Quality

High lead generation with a high conversion rate is the goal of any B2B marketing campaign. As a marketer you want to acquire a solid amount of leads for your sales team. After all, high numbers look good but you also want these leads to be qualified and out for a buy or else you are wasting time, energy and budget on nurturing people who aren’t, and never were, interested in buying your product in the first place.

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Are We All Content? Why Thought Leadership Marketing Will Turn That No into a Yes

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3 Simple Rules for Social Media Marketing

There are too many rules for social media marketing out there. We’ve read, skimmed rather, so many articles stating the 10 laws or the 20 rules for effective social media marketing. But how many of these ‘rules’ do you actually follow? I’m guessing no more than 20 – 30%.

Opinions around the best time to post updates on social networks are rampant. Some believe it’s best to update Twitter just after lunchtime, whereas some believe that LinkedIn posts bring the most success when they’re posted right before 9am. Not only do they preach about times to post, some advocate for quantity of social profiles believing more profiles would lead to more leads.

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The rise and rise of marketing automation: The death of ad-hoc

Ad-hoc marketing is great if you need to fill a gap in your marketing timeline but let’s be clear, ad-hoc marketing is not a lead generation model which will drive business results or success, rather the opposite.

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