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7 Essentials for Creating a Content Culture in Your Organisation

B2B marketers who are in touch with the needs of their buyers understand the key role that interesting, valuable, engaging, creative content plays in initial engagement and the subsequent development of a relationship with a buyer.

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Top B2B Marketing Tips On Mapping Web Pages To Funnel Stages

The other day I was auditing a client's website for optimisation opportunities when an interesting idea struck me; each web page has its matching funnel stage.

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6 Online Marketing Trends for 2013 for B2B Marketers

Times are changing and successful B2B marketers need to stay ahead of the online marketing game.

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Harness Social Proof for B2B Lead Generation

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Automating Persuasion: How B2B Marketers Can Persuade Prospects Online

Online persuasion is no easy task. It requires much time and effort from the B2B marketer. Not only are you dealing with a number of buyers, but you're dealing with a long time frame.

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Best Practice Video For B2B Marketers: Building A Killer Blog

Blogging is the #1 tool for attracting and influencing visitors to your website. Google's search engine loves sites where content is always changing and being updated. Blogs are perfect vehicles for optimising around keywords. If you want to get found online, start blogging!

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Social Media Marketing for B2B Lead Generation [An Infographic]

B2B marketers are time poor, making effectiveness and efficiency of utmost importance. Social media should be an integral part of any marketing strategy today, but managing it can be time consuming and fruitless. Here are some top tips on planning, setting up and executing your social media strategy in order to minimise time wasted and maximise your results!

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3 Steps to Beat Your Competitors With Content Marketing

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The three types of content B2B marketers need to generate leads

Most B2B marketers have understood the vital role that content plays in modern marketing. Some argue it has ever been thus and largely, they are correct. But many B2B marketers are struggling to build a cohesive content marketing strategy. Have you nailed your organisation's content marketing plan for 2013?

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