Ongoing HubSpot Support Service

Flexible Support For The Way You Work 

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Additional Capacity

Backfilling Resources

Despite your best efforts, team members come and go, take a sabbatical or go on long service or maternity/paternity leave...and naturally, this is the quarter the new campaign for your newly released product must run!

You want to support your team in their career and life choices but let's face it - it can leave you in a heck of a resource bind. 

g2m has no long term retainers or monthly 'use it lose it' commitments. It's a simple 'pay-as-you-go' model. Use g2m's HubSpot expertise to backfill and keep the lights on until the team is back to full strength. 


Missing Expertise

Let's face it HubSpot software is impressive, powerful and...well, massive!

It's super hard to learn all the software has to offer, decide what features and functions you'll really use and need and all whilst maintaining your knowledge about all the latest feature releases. 

Having a team that live all day every day in the HubSpot software and know it inside out can be a huge relief. We'll tell you what you DON'T need as well as what makes best sense for your business.

And then we'll set it up for you! 


Training The Whole Team

  • Got new starters who need training on your HubSpot instance?

  • Got a sales team who could do with refresher on the CRM and the sales hub's capabilities?

  • Decided to upgrade or add a hub to your HubSpot instance? 

g2m's training capability covers all elements of the HubSpot product ecosystem:

  • CRM

  • Marketing tools

  • Sales tools

  • Services tools

  • Website CMS 

g2m employ eLearning specialists to ensure the training delivered sticks. We run live in-person video sessions with our experts and gamification delivered direct to users smart phones.


Optimising Your Portal

Do you suspect you could be getting your HubSpot software working harder for you? Haven't had time yet to get that powerful feature up and running?

No one ever gets it right first time. Your real ROI will come from optimising your processes, your HubSpot portal and from continuing to train your team on their knowledge gaps, using data gathered as you use the software.

We recommend running portal audits; usually quarterly. The audits identify what's working well and what is not and provide recommendations for optimisation. (We can also carry out that work if you wish.)

There's no doubt this is ongoing, gritty work, but it provides accelerated results and optimum ROI. 


Campaign Launch Support

Whilst we live and breathe HubSpot we know marketers have many other priorities that they also need to support from planning and running events, PR, producing collateral, doing market research, strategy planning  - the list goes on!

Sometimes you just need some dedicated resource to build a campaign from soup to nuts. You provide us with a brief and the campaign assets and we'll configure and build all the elements of your campaign, from emails, to landing pages, to automated workflows to the shiny reports you'll need to show the boss.   


How Our Support Pack Works

Ultra Simple

No complicated contracts, no annual retainers, no month-by-month "use it or lose it" contracts.

Instead you buy a simple one-off twenty hour block of time from us. You have up to one year to use it. If you run out and want to keep working with us you simply buy another 20-hour block.

Think of it like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone contract.

That's it. Period.

Types of work

This pack is designed for those who have already done their HubSpot onboarding but need some ongoing support. You can apply your twenty hour block of time to working on any part of the CRM, marketing, sales or service hubs, we can configure the software, set up campaigns, or train your team how to do it. We provide guidance on best practices as well. You get access to our strategists and our HubSpot super users and experts. 

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What Our Customers Say About g2m's Hubspot Skills

Gabrielle Gibson

Marketing Director

G2M provided top notch onboarding, training and support to get up and running with HubSpot

The G2M team were instrumental in getting us up and running with Hubspot for sales and marketing. They took us through a very comprehensive 12 week onboarding program, which involved technical set up support, as well as practical training for our sales and marketing teams.

G2M had a very systematic approach which was developed based on their extensive Hubspot, sales, marketing and technical expertise. The program was delivered in an interactive way and always with a smile. G2M really went above and beyond to ensure our success and were happy to provide support and answer all of our questions along the way. Thanks to G2M we are now have the confidence to use Hubspot for sales and marketing and have all the support resources we need. Thank you to Sue, Chris and the team.

Belinda Johnson

Head of Marketing

g2m provided excellent onboarding and support.

The g2m team provided excellent service & support with our HubSpot migration from Sales Force and Word Press. Sue and the team were extremely knowledgeable about all the HubSpot tools and functions and provided an outstanding HubSpot onboarding Service to the marketing and internal sales team. We look forward to working with the team again on our next HubSpot project and our CRM implementation.

As the Head of Marketing Hubspot is an integral tool for our sales and marketing team and I would highly recommend the g2m team for your onboarding and Hubspot requirements.

Simon Hamilton

General Manager, Gotcha4Life

The G2M team (mainly Sue and Kira) delivered a comprehensive 10-week onboarding and training program to support our HubSpot implementation. The results have been outstanding, both in terms of productivity as well as staff engagement.

Delivering to a small group with highly varied functional needs and wide-ranging levels of software experience made the program construct challenging. The G2M team handled it with ease and were personable, dedicated, flexible and knowledgeable. They took the time to get to really understand our business (a NFP) and our key challenges in each function. They then tailored and continually refined the program to best fit our context and skills. One of their biggest contributions was their ability to facilitate and simplify seemingly complex configuration and set up decisions that we needed to make. Having had high expectations at the outset, they still managed to comfortably exceed these throughout the program and have embedded lasting benefit for our organisation.


Angela McGuire

General Manager, neuroCare Clinics

Fantastic Onboarding Experience


The team at g2m were so professional easy to work with from the get go. They clearly had a wealth of knowledge to share with us and were very invested in understanding out business so we could maximize the features and benefits of HubSpot.
They were flexible when we wanted to customise some aspects of the training so that we could build in the right workflows and processes for our unique customer relationship scenarios. We feel well equipped and ready to use HubSpot. Thanks g2m!

John Williams

Executive Director, Healthpoint

We have worked with Sue and Caroline at g2m to understand everything about Hubspot.  We have found g2m personable, professional and thorough.

Initially the complexity of using Hubspot was quite daunting. Sue and Caroline broke up the training so it was sequential and often which was important in keeping the momentum going.  We are well set-up now to use Hubspot for our three products in both Australia and New Zealand and make the most of Hubspot to have a more engaging relationship and process with our customers.

When we used the marketing component of Hubspot to develop an email campaign to a customer group that was at risk of churn, we got the best result with the highest number of renewals we have ever had. Sue and Caroline helped us put the campaign together including importing and the setting up of lists and the sequence and timing of email distribution.

That learning and confidence shared amongst our team will enable us to get the best out of the system.   I highly recommend g2m in supporting the Hubspot learning.


Heather Somers

Marketing Manager, Tridant Pty Ltd

Hubspot EXPERTS!

"g2m have been imperative in getting us up to speed and effectively using HubSpot. Andy migrated our database of 20,000+ contacts from our old CRM over to HubSpot – a very timing consuming and onerous process to get right! His comprehensive knowledge of the tool coupled with his strong analytical skills really impressed us when it came to finding solutions to roadblocks that came up during this process. Chris and Andy also provided in-depth training of HubSpot with a strong focus on setting up our marketing portal. They showed us how to build campaigns, landing pages, emails, set up workflows and generally got us feeling comfortable with navigating the CRM. g2m has been so reliable and have been able to answer any questions and requests we have thrown their way. Can’t recommend the g2m team highly enough!"

Sarah Berger Cunningham

Head of Sales and Marketing, Viostream

G2M's HubSpot Experts

"G2M are our Partner of Choice for marketing. They are always "on". We can, and do rely on them for all of our campaign function and they steer us through Hubspot, campaigns, landing pages, customer and prospect communications regularly. The team of Chris, Andy and Bel are our right hand and we couldn't do what we do without them."

Nick Whitehead

CMO, Serko

Consistently exceed expectations

"The entire G2M team are the definitive partners for HubSpot setup, implementation and ongoing optimisation. Chris, Belinda, Andy and team are a seamless extension of our sales and marketing function and have repeatedly provided service levels, turnaround times and quality of execution above and beyond our expectations. Their ability to bring together our objectives with their input on strategy, creative direction and technology execution are second to none. I can not recommend these guys highly enough, and in fact regularly do."

Jody King

Marketing Lead, Superloop

Critical for helping us leverage Hubspot

"G2M have greatly assisted us to navigate Hubspot and extract the best from it. In particular they have been particularly critical in developing and releasing automated Nurture campaigns and social posts to amplify our activity. I'm happy to be contacted to provide more reference information for their potential clients."

Ashlee Richardson

Marketing Coordinator, TDL

An extension of our Marketing arm

g2m work as an extension to the TDL Marketing arm. Their comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape has cemented g2m's place as a trusted advisor, being our go to for all digital related matters. Chris and the team help bring our concepts to life through support in content creation, keyword and SEO guidance, social media recommendations and email workflows - all elements helping to drive an improved online profile that generates opportunity. 

Adrian Leaver

Managing Director, Black River Consulting

An excellent web and CRM service provider

"If you are like me then you don't have any clue about wire frames and landing pages, but I run a business, and we must all now accept that it is no-longer feasible to do so without a digital footprint of some form. g2m helped me in three ways; first, by showing me that you don't have to sell the family fortune to have a really good interactive website; second, by making me (in a nice way) focus on getting the best out of the site through the Hubspot platform; and third, by helping me properly focus on real customer value by way of the embedded CRM system, saving me a fortune in wasted time and money researching and buying a separate CRM. g2m and Hubspot is the partnership I have been looking for ten years, if only I had discovered them sooner!"

Rod Hore

Director, HHMC Global

g2m guided us from zero to hero with Hubspot.

"HHMC Global was apprehensive about moving to Hubspot due to the potential complexity of the setup project and the cost and disruption to the company. We took a long time to commence and then had a steep learning curve to get through. g2m were with us all the way, helping us through the decision making and project planning, and then encouraging us through implementation and conversion. They provide technical knowledge mixed with real life business, marketing and sales experience and empathy for the circumstances that inevitably arise. We will continue to develop and evolve our Hubspot use and are doing it from a solid foundation, with the confidence that help is just a phone call away. We highly recommend Chris and his team at g2m Solutions."

Kate Turnbull

Business Development Executive, Workstar

Maximise Hubspot capabilities, saving time & money

"g2m have been instrumental in helping us maximise Hubspot's capabilities whilst keeping it relevant to our business. First ensuring we accurately understood who our target audience is, before helping identify how to market to theme effectively, in-turn safeguarding the spending of valuable marketing dollars. Through their one on one HubSpot training they tidied up our database from data to workflows to lists, implement systems to categorise our data and use features to help streamline our effectiveness and monitor results and streamlined the way we set up marketing campaigns ensuring we were engaging with the end user in meaningful ways. Thus in-turn growing our database with quality leads and saving us many hours, if not days!

Chris Franks

g2m have provided incredible Hubspot support to Women in Aid & Development from first steps through to implementation. Sue leads a warm, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable team who are expert at assessing the challenges of our situation and crafting the Hubspot solution with immense patience.  Hubspot will be game changing for our organisation helping consolidate multiple data sources and providing top quality tools to interrogate our database and support our growth. As a small NFP with few resources we have been delighted with the professional and cost effective support g2m provided throughout the process and have been particularly impressed in data cleaning, import and report creation stage - all have been far easier than we envisaged. 
I cannot speak highly enough of Sue & her professional team - without their support & guidance, getting Hubspot up & running would not have been possible in such a stress free way, so we highly recommend g2m for Hubspot implementation, guidance and support. 
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