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Is PPC a waste of time? Or a valuable tool for B2B marketers?

There is ongoing debate surrounding the effectiveness of PPC for B2B marketers, as well as the effectiveness of PPC in general.

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3 Dangerous Assumptions B2B Marketers Make About Decision-Makers

You've heard the old adage; "don't assume, it makes an ass out of "u" and me", but unfortunately, it's all too easy for B2B marketers to forget.

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How your B2B Marketing Strategy MUST Change for 2013

So the annual marketing offsite has drawn to a close and the newly minted 2013 marketing strategy is being given its final polish before being released to an expectant management team back at HQ.

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Why B2B Marketers Should Be Pro's at Dating

How would you feel if you went on a first date and they popped 'the question'?

Precisely. So why do some B2B marketers go straight from ‘Hi we are Company X’… to ‘buy our stuff, it's great!’?

Okay, so marriage is a slightly bigger decision than buying a product/service but the principle is just the same.

Unlike some B2C buyers, B2B buyers aren’t impulsive; they need TLC, encouragement and reassurance before they buy.

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How to seduce a spider: Five SEO rules of seduction in 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, it's increasingly obvious that Google is upping their game in targeting spam websites by tweaking their algorithm to ensure only the most relevant and helpful results are displayed to their users.

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6 Common Illnesses associated with B2B Marketers

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What your website needs to generate leads: An infographic

It's undeniable - more and more B2B buyers are conducting research online before they come anywhere near to narrowing down their final vendors.

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8 Ways to Make Your B2B Blog a Lead Generation Machine

Many organisations are still dubious about the effectiveness of blogging - mainly because many businesses don’t know how to do it effectively!

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How to get found online by your buyers: SEO tips from the experts

Here is a great, simple infographic from our friends and partners at Hubspot on SEO, followed by some words of wisdom from the experts. Getting found by your target buyers in this online age is the number one challenge for B2B Marketers.

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5 Attributes of a Failed Business Blog

When done right, blogging for business can be your most valuable lead generation machine. The hard part is making sure your blog actually generates leads!

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