Stop! The Top 8 Lead Conversion Errors made by B2B Marketers

This data from Marketing sherpa confirms what most B2B Marketers know to be an essential truth; generating leads as well as converting qualified leads into paying customers are the top priorities and challenges for B2B marketers. These days these twin challenges are rapidly shifting online as buyers make a bee-line for their search engine of choice to start their buying journey. This is why your website is integral to your B2B marketing strategy; it's how your buyers find and familiarise themselves with you.

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What B2B Marketers Should Do To Build Momentum

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Ranking Through Content Marketing: A Marathon, Not a Sprint!

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A Tool for B2B Marketers to Manage their Social Media Campaigns

A lot of B2B Marketers struggle to find time to manage their social media activities. Still more B2B Marketers are too intimidated to even embark on a social media campaign in the first place. 

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3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Strategy is Failing

The end goal for social media in a B2B context is lead generation and revenue. However, all too often great social content can be lost in the online abyss of 'marketing la-la land', resulting in content that's not distributed through the right channels, to the right people, in a circumstance-specific manner.

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If Content is King for B2B Marketers, then Context is God!

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4 Kinds of Lead Nurturing Campaigns for B2B Marketers

How do you market to your B2B buyers in a way that won't scare them off, but instead nudge them down the funnel towards sales? For each campaign we are faced with this question. And each time, coming up with a good strategy takes much brainstorming and forethought. But that's the nature of this business: B2B marketing is challenging.

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