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Throw your B2B Go To Market Campaigns in the Blender and hit “Start”!

I get frustrated when I hear folks talk about inbound and outbound marketing, or more popularly in recent time, inbound VS outbound marketing as if they are mutually exclusive. Why you may ask? Because marketers should know better!

The notion of building an inbound or an outbound strategy ignores the one single most important factor in setting go to market strategy and that is the prospect, the lead, the customer, call them what you will. Do you think your prospect sits at his/her desk and says "Hmmmm, I think I am going to consume some outbound marketing content today or, actually I am feeling particularly daring, today I am going to experiment with some inbound marketing?

My point is, of course, that the words "inbound" and "outbound" are describing an entirely internal view of marketing tactics and ignores the way the customer thinks. This is a dangerous mindset to adopt.

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The three Cs of effective B2B Marketing

My old Dad used to say, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, the three "R"s that underpinned the education system were Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmatic. (which is probably why he was a Solicitor not a Comedian!)

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