How small businesses can build a world-class B2B marketing function

Forrester, and the Corporate Executive Board. This means marketing has a vastly increased responsibility for influencing the buyer and a much greater direct responsibility than ever before in generating revenue for your business.

The problem is marketers struggle with this new found responsibility. A poorly performing marketing function hits your business where it hurts...lower sales and higher cost of customer acquisition. Ouch!

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New Google algorithm changes: Your questions answered


I’m afraid to say it, fellow marketers, but Google is at it again and changing things up to keep us on our SEO toes. The way that Google ranks websites is completely evolving and it all begins this week – a little bird told us that this is going to be bigger than Panda and Penguin put together.

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The role of technology in sales and marketing

The marketing department has long been labeled the department to always spend money, unable to prove whether what they’re doing is effective. In turn, the sales department is left to wonder what business the marketing department is actually bringing in? In a previous career, that blended sales and marketing, I was exposed to exactly this situation. We’d purchase newspaper and magazine ads, design and distribute brochures, write editorial for publications, send out email blasts to our database, sometimes even send out snail mail (ugh!), all of the typical outbound marketing techniques you can possibly think of. We never really knew exactly how well any of our efforts worked. Now, 6 years on I have witnessed the industry evolve and it’s so exciting to me to see how much sales and marketing technology has advanced and how much it revolutionises the marketing function and allows for better synergy between the teams.

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Inbound Marketing – A Game of Thrones?

You're a true believer in Inbound Marketing and a Game of Thrones devotee? Believe it or not, those two things go hand in hand! Just as the battle of the houses in the popular TV series, marketing's many channels are at war. And no matter how much we would like them to make peace and unify, hostility seems to persist. While your marketing blunders probably won't result in a bloodbath, the reprocussions of a failed campaign can be financially fatal. So believe me when I say, your daily struggles and the Stark family's are rather indistinguishable. 

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Your Next 3 Inbound Marketing Employees

Are you planning the big jump to from Outbound to Inbound Marketing? If so, you have probably had a quick thought over who you will need to hire to start your new Inbound team. We have collated a list of the essentials, and thrown them all together in an animation so you can plan your next recruitment session in 2 minutes and 9 seconds!

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Earn yourself some brownie points with these 3 essential skills for B2B marketers

We are always attempting to keep our fingers on the pulse and our company up to date and relevant in the market – but what about ourselves? A business is only as strong as its weakest link, so now is the time to take charge and tick off some of these skills within your team. Luckily for you, Business2Community has published a blog featuring 14 skills that marketers need to add to their resume in 2015. We have highlighted the three key points we believe to be essential to B2B marketers so you can be ready to achieve your marketing goals with ease this year. Piece of cake!

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7 steps to building a results driven marketing team

Digital transformation is upon us. It’s required, non negotiable and a competitive imperative. But does this affect the way senior executives manage, motivate and communicate with their teams? The fundamental values of good leadership and management determine just how effective you really are as a boss. Great bosses consistently inspire employees to perform well and remain loyal. Those qualities play a major role in the long-term success of your business. While these fundamentals remain solid they require some reinterpretation in the digital age.

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How to Establish a Consistent Brand Voice Throughout Your Marketing

brand voice across all content can not only make a company stand out from the crowd, but also help attract customers. And not just any customers – the right customers. If you speak your target market's language, they will listen to you and respond. 

In a recent article for the Content Marketing Institute, Dr Andrew Bredenkamp reveals 12 secrets to creating a consistent brand voice. Here are two examples:

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