Inbound Marketing – A Game of Thrones?


You're a true believer in Inbound Marketing and a Game of Thrones devotee? Believe it or not, those two things go hand in hand! Just as the battle of the houses in the popular TV series, marketing's many channels are at war. And no matter how much we would like them to make peace and unify, hostility seems to persist. While your marketing blunders probably won't result in a bloodbath, the reprocussions of a failed campaign can be financially fatal. So believe me when I say, your daily struggles and the Stark family's are rather indistinguishable. 

Still not convinced that the solution to Game of Thrones' epic battle and your daily marketing issues are one and the same? Click through Salesforce's latest slide deck, The Marketing Technology Game of Thrones, below and be amazed!


The Marketing Technology Game of Thrones from Pardot


While it might take a bit more to get the show's houses to unify, your can initiate instant peace between your marketing channels by simpy investing in a handy tool called marketing automation. By streamlining and uniting all your marketing outlets, you can not only increase your success but also find out what is and what isn't working through comeprehensive analytics. So what are you waiting for? It's time to embark on a brighter path. 

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