Driving up lead conversion using Business Video: Top tips

If you are looking for ways to attract contacts and convert and nurture leads more effectively then this is the blog post for you!

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B2B Marketing spend data from Marketing Sherpa. How do you compare?

Marketing Sherpa recently asked 900 B2B marketers how they expected their marketing budgets to change for 2011. The answers tell us that the inbound marketing revolution is well and truly upon us. How does your firm's spending compare? Are you at the leading edge of Inbound Marketing adoption or more of a laggard. How are you planning to blend your outbound and inbound stategies? How do you think you stack up to your competition? Are you gaining a competitive marketing advantage? Or are they eating your lunch?

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10 tips for driving lead conversion. Landing pages best practices!

Hubspot have some sage words of advice to maximise lead conversion and to deepen the engagement with your shiny new lead!

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New B2B marketing data; lead quality trumps lead quantity...again!

The results are in from Marketing Sherpa’s 2011 Benchmark Survey. Here is a summary chart of how B2B marketers rate their challenges.

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Free marketing planning tool for lead generation.

A key part of a successful and aligned sales and marketing team is to agree on the numbers. The revenue numbers required for you to hit plan, the number of deals you need to close, the number of proposals you need to submit, the number of sales qualified leads marketing need to pass to sales, the number of contacts you need to tip into the top of your funnel and so on. Nothing new here but these particular measures are flawed in one important aspect, they describe YOUR sales journey, not your prospect’s buying journey.  

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