Free marketing planning tool for lead generation.

A key part of a successful and aligned sales and marketing team is to agree on the numbers. The revenue numbers required for you to hit plan, the number of deals you need to close, the number of proposals you need to submit, the number of sales qualified leads marketing need to pass to sales, the number of contacts you need to tip into the top of your funnel and so on. Nothing new here but these particular measures are flawed in one important aspect, they describe YOUR sales journey, not your prospect’s buying journey.  Australian small businesses

MathMarketing have a cool free tool available on their website called the Funnel Calculator that walks you through building an integrated and aligned sales and marketing funnel for your business. The tool introduces you to some key concepts that underpin our approach to go to marketing planning; particularly the Buyer’s Journey and the concept of recycling and leakage. Of course the tool is no substitute for a fully dimensioned blisteringly clear go to market plan, but it’s a great place to start. The tool allows you to work out exactly how many sales you can generate from your sales funnel, and how many prospects you need in the top of the funnel to achieve your targets.

MathMarketing is one of g2m Solutions partners and we work closely together to deliver blisteringly clear go to market plans that align the sales and marketing teams around a common strategy, metrics and tactics. Check out the Funnel Calculator.

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