10 tips for driving lead conversion. Landing pages best practices!

For those of you whose marketing campaigns involve driving prospects to a landing page on your website, inbound marketing specialists Hubspot have some sage words of advice to maximise lead conversion and to deepen the engagement with your shiny new lead!

You’ve got the hard part done, getting your website visitor to convert into a lead. Now what? Don’t just treat your thank you page, the page that a new lead is presented with once they have submitted a form, as an afterthought. Use it as another opportunity to provide further value to potential customers. Here’s 10 ways to take advantage of those thank you pages that are normally your visitors exit point.

  1. Bring Back the Navigation - A good landing page should only give one option to the visitor, which means removing the site's navigation from that page. However, once you’ve got that visitor to convert you’ll want to give them every opportunity to continue digging through your site by placing the navigation on the thank you page.
  2. Subscribe to Your Blog - Give your new leads the chance to subscribe to your blog by email or through RSS from your thank you page. Don’t just say “Subscribe to our blog!”, but tell them why they should subscribe and what type of valuable information they’ll gain on a regular basis.
  3. Connect via Social Media - Just like giving people the option to subscribe to your blog, give them insight and reason into why they should connect with you on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. What are you going provide that is worth paying attention to?
  4. Encourage Sharing of the Offer - The visitor clearly found your offer worthwhile and they most likely have friends who will feel the same way. Make it easy for them to tweet, post, and email the landing page to their network by adding share buttons.
  5. Direct Visitors to Other Relevant Content - Based on the offer the lead converted on, you should have a good idea of what content is right for them. Provide links and explanations to blog articles and other web pages that relate to the offer.
  6. Promote Your Webinar or Event - The thank you page is a great place to get more people to sign up for your live events. Once again, explain the value of the webinar or event and how it will help them and their business.
  7. Get Feedback - Provide your new leads with a place where they can give feedback on the offer they received. This feedback will be valuable in planning future offers and builds credibility with your new leads.
  8. Set Expectations - If you haven’t already on the landing page, a thank you page is a great place where you can set expectations as to how and when they’ll receive your offer. Give the visitor a clear message of their next step or what you’ll be doing shortly.
  9. Reconvert - Depending on the initial conversion, you can use the thank you page as a place to bring them further down your funnel and become more sales ready. Talk to them about your free trial, demos, or even how they can connect with a sales rep.
  10. Really Thank Them! - Saying “thank you” just isn’t enough. Explain why you’re so grateful that they found your offer and took action. Even though they’re not a customer yet you can begin treating them like one. There’s nothing like a great first impression.

    How do you use thank you pages to improve communications with your new leads?


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