Why A Social Media Policy Will Do Your Business More Harm Than Good

You can’t be blamed for thinking that your company must have a social media policy. Take one look online and you’ll be convinced that such a document is essential. Sure, if you want to quash any creativity or individuality your employees bring to your organisation, a social media policy is great. But, if you’d rather create a culture of motivated brand ambassadors and an interactive online community, then steer clear.

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Personal To Professional: You Are Your Own Brand

I used to think of brands only in terms of companies and businesses. But with our worlds being more and more socially and digitally connected this has now fundamentally changed, to quote Barry Feldman: “You, my friend, are a brand”. Whether we aim to be or not, we’re all brands. And social media is one of the fundamental ways we manage these personal brands.

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Top-Notch Headlines

blogger, creative head, content marketer or just have a way with words, you’ll know how hard it can be to write a satisfying headline. And it’s not just all about making it compelling, well written and punchy anymore; if the net is your platform then you need to think about SEO, click-through rate and length as well. In a recent Hubspot article, Corey Eridon describes an easy-to-follow, six-step guide to writing your best title yet. 

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