10 Must-Have Features for Your B2B Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation is seen as the saviour for many hard-up B2B marketers, whether they are hard-up for budget or hard-up for time. It also holds the keys to another tantalising promise; the ability to really measure your campaigns across the whole go-to-market funnel and determine the marketing ROI of your campaign tactics.

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3 Ways To Gauge Your B2B Buyer’s Interest Level

We already blogged about the four major buyer roles in a complex sale, so today's post is about gauging your buyer's interest level. Digital body language (aka what you do online) can tell you a lot about how interested your prospect is. Of course, this is expected to change over time, depending on what goes on internally where said prospect works.

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5 Tough Questions to ask your B2B Marketing Agency

Hubspot. Hubspot make some of the world's most powerful marketing automation software to drive traffic to your site, actively convert them to leads and customers, plus a really strong marketing analytics offering. They rely on a global network of agencies to implement and deploy their software.

So they should know (in the spirit of full disclosure we are a Hubspot agency, so I guess that means we should also know!)

That said it's a really useful list and if nothing else emphasizes two key points.

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The Outsourcing Dilemma: 6 Steps for B2B Marketers

To outsource or not to outsource. It's one of the great B2B marketing questions. Is it more cost-effective to handle things internally or to outsource?  Sometimes due to capacity constraints and headcount freezes there simply isn't a choice but to outsource.

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