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Organic search and email: Perfect B2B Marketing partners

If you are a B2B marketer who struggles to use their website to develop leads, then this chart is illuminating.

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New Data: Why Aussie B2B marketers need to take social media seriously

New data from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs give Australian B2B Marketers a glimpse into the future. This is a US only data sample and we think its fair to say that Australia is still playing catch up when it come to social media...but its coming whether you like it or will need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the era of social business.

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Why B2B Marketers should blog: An infographic

If modern B2B marketers only had one tool they could use to generate traffic and leads - yes and even revenue, then blogging should be on top of your list. This short infographic has some powerful statistics for B2B marketers. 

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B2B buyer behaviour is shifting - How B2B Marketers must adapt

Even experienced B2B marketers are finding the rapid shift to online/digital/website/inbound marketing (pick your favourite acronym - we prefer Inbound!) challenging. Buyer behaviour is rapidly shifting and B2B marketing campaigns need to adapt to catch up.

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How to build blog subscribers - 20 top tips for B2B Marketers

So you’ve set up an awesome blog. And you’re generating really great content. But your Mum is your only subscriber! What now?

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A new look at 5 types of content marketing that generate leads

We have all heard the phrase "content is king". In fact I would argue it has reached cliche status...and as with all cliches there is usually a kernel of truth in the saying.

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6 Business Blogging Essentials: A B2B Marketer's Guide

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5 Key Factors of a Sucessful B2B Email Marketing Campaign

With 81% of marketers using email marketing as a lead generation tactic (MarketingSherpa), it's easy to see how important it is to make sure you're doing it right.

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How to Transform Your SEO Strategy: The New Rules for B2B Marketers

I read a great article this morning by Dolly Howard promoting a webinar series on how to transform your SEO strategy and I thought I would share the key takeaways with you. 

The world of SEO has undergone a total transformation since its early days. Contrary to popular belief, successful B2B marketers need to create quality content targeted to real human visitors instead of keyword-rich content targeted to search engines.

The good news is that SEO is evolving to encourage marketers to create the useful and remarkable content that our most qualified customers crave. The bad news is that most marketers haven't figured this out yet.

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