Tania Di Stefano

Tania Di Stefano

Senior Account Manager at g2m Solutions. Tania oversees our client's digital strategy in addition to building and managing the content and campaigns required to deliver revenue results. As Account Manager, Tania keeps her client's campaigns on track and recommends digital marketing best practices to drive improved outcomes.

Recent Posts by Tania Di Stefano:

Why You Need to Renovate Your Sales and Marketing Teams Processes

For the next couple of months we’ll embark upon a series of articles that will take you through ways you can work towards smart, profitable and sustainable growth for your small to medium sized business. How? By redeveloping your sales and marketing teams processes. Too often business leaders don't take the time to regularly review which sales and marketing processes need tweaking in order to deliver optimal results. We're all guilty of a 'set and forget' mentality sometimes. So let's work through this together, and see what could do with a bit of a renovation. 

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The 4 Major Buyer Roles you may encounter in a complex B2B sale

In B2B selling a sales rep may not meet a prospect face to face until they are well into the later stages of their buyer's journey. So when it comes to the crunch, the sales rep needs to be able to identify straight away what type of buyer role the prospect has taken up, and cater communication to their specific concerns. In this SlideShare we explain how a sales rep can get their deal across the line by exploring the top four buyer roles and what's important to them.

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Website Design: Completing the cycles for a Growth Driven Designed website

Last week we covered the first cycle in the Growth Driven Design continuous improvement approach which revolved around planning out what action items you were going to implement into your launch pad website. This week we’re going to explore the remaining three cycles of this website design approach. These include developing (making the changes live on your website), learning (reviewing the performance of those changes) and transferring (sharing impactful information you’ve learned to other departments). Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Website design: Phase 1 of Growth Driven Design – strategy

As you know, you can’t build anything that will last on a weak foundation. When it comes to website design, developing a strong strategy will help you create a solid foundation on which to build your Growth Driven Design (GDD) process. So far we’ve introduced Growth Driven Design (GDD), explained why the traditional website design process is flawed and discussed the three foundational pillars of GDD. Now we’re going to dive into the good stuff, the phases of GDD – there’s two. In today’s blog we’re going to cover the strategy section of phase one (yes there’s a lot of information, that's why we’re breaking it up into easily digestible chunks!)

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Growth Driven Design: How it’s changing the website design process


Website design or redesign can and should be a satisfying experience but sometimes it can turn into a very expensive and long-running headache. Why? Because the traditional ways of website design are simply flawed. However, thanks to Google analytics, HubSpot and other applications, marketers now have the power of analytics behind them. Data they can leverage to help senior management make informed strategic decisions for the business. That’s where Growth Driven Design (GDD) comes in. It’s based on real time data and shows you how your customers are actually using your website. In the coming months we’ll take you through all aspects of GDD and how you can apply it to your business. For this blog I’m going to fill you in on the juicy Growth Driven Design topics you can expect to learn about.

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Top 7 takeaways from HubSpot's State of Inbound 2015 report

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What are the benefits of Marketing-as-a-Service?

We live in an era of outsourcing, where everything is up for grabs. If you’re unable to do certain things yourself you can just outsource them to someone who can. From paying a company to create your daily-portioned and calorie-controlled meals to the care of your child. In today’s world, where the buyer has more control over the buying process than ever, online, B2B marketing demands a certain skillset to increase lead generation and convert those leads into customers and promoters of your brand.  This is where outsourcing your marketing could be the better option over trying to do it in-house.  So what are the benefits of Marketing-as-a-Service?

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Marketing for non profits: Embrace the digital era and get heard


As a not-for-profit organisation, you are painfully aware of the high costs of marketing – even more so than anyone else.  You also know that you can’t always justify investing in your marketing, as ROI is often sparse and there are plenty of other departments to worry about. But why is it so hard to attract buyers these days? 

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Top 8 tips to effective client management

The same B2B client management standards apply across most industries. It simply comes down to managing your clients' expectations so there are no surprises and everyone is always on the same page. To help you achieve this, we’ve provided a list of our 8 top tips to help you manage your clients effectively.

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The role of technology in sales and marketing

The marketing department has long been labeled the department to always spend money, unable to prove whether what they’re doing is effective. In turn, the sales department is left to wonder what business the marketing department is actually bringing in? In a previous career, that blended sales and marketing, I was exposed to exactly this situation. We’d purchase newspaper and magazine ads, design and distribute brochures, write editorial for publications, send out email blasts to our database, sometimes even send out snail mail (ugh!), all of the typical outbound marketing techniques you can possibly think of. We never really knew exactly how well any of our efforts worked. Now, 6 years on I have witnessed the industry evolve and it’s so exciting to me to see how much sales and marketing technology has advanced and how much it revolutionises the marketing function and allows for better synergy between the teams.

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