4 Reasons Content Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business' Reputation


Content is one of the core trends that’s proven to be at the forefront of the future of marketing. Due to the massive amounts of data being produced these days it is critical to focus on providing high quality information that informs and educates people and cuts through the data “noise”. In fact, by 2018, IP traffic will reach 40.5 exabytes per month in comparison to 16.6 exabytes per month in 2014. That is a lot more competition for eyeballs than just a couple of years ago, and only increases the probability that your brilliant idea for a new piece of content has been produced already (and probably more than once).

Using content correctly is a critical factor in the success of your business. So here are 4 reasons to use a sh*t hot content marketing strategy:

  1. Growth

Growing the overall presence of your website or brand is a key benefit of content marketing. It’s obvious really… If you have 500 blog posts as opposed to 50 blog posts there is a much bigger chance that people will see one of your articles just because of the sheer volume. That said, you still want to maintain a high standard of written and visual work because your reputation for creating good quality work is just as - if not more important - than volume.

Next you have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The more content you produce, the more likely it is that search engines are going to crawl the content you create and therefore the better you will rank for long tail keywords. If a search engine values your content, so will the user that is searching for answers.

Growing your social media content is more of a manual process than SEO but if used effectively it can have a very large impact on the presence of your brand. Thde most important thing here is to create content that is unique as there is a distinct link between thought provoking material and shared content. If you can provide content that resonates with a particular audience, they are more likely to share it.

Combine these three techniques and watch your traffic grow month over month.

  1. Thought Leadership

People trust leaders. Simple. A recent survey shows the majority (89%) of startups are using content marketing. Why? Because it is an extremely effective avenue for raising awareness and driving traffic. Your potential buyers need nurturing and need to trust your brand before they purchase, which is why content marketing is a great source to show people you know what you’re talking about.

The more trust people have, the more likely they will turn to your content for answers. This ties in nicely with SEO techniques because if a search engine trusts your content and features you prominently in their results, it dramatically increases the chance of your content being seen.

  1. Your Personal Reputation

Content marketing can also impact your reputation within your respective industry. Leverage the work you have spent so many hours producing and use it to your advantage. Perhaps you could create a portfolio of work to show a prospective employer? Or, maybe you need a few extra dollars on the side so you decide to freelance in your spare time? Why not use the content you have already produced to showcase your skills and ability, it may even provide an opportunity for a guest speaker role or some consulting work. When people visit your website and see well-written, engaging content, that has been shared across several social media sites, they begin to think of you and your brand as a reputable source of information. This is what is known as ‘social proof’.

  1. Guest & Influencer Posts

Showcasing engaging and informative content can provide great opportunities for guest posts. If someone was to visit your site and really enjoy your content, they may approach you and ask to create content to share with your audience or indeed ask you to share your content with their audience. This is a great way to build a network of influence and show the industry you really know what you’re talking about.

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