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The "Fab 5" Marketing Metrics you MUST Report On

Want to have successful conversations with your boss? 

Understand and use these "Fab 5" Marketing Metrics, to prove to your boss Marketing is WAY more than the (highly insulting) so called colouring-in department and build a different relationship with the senior executives within your company.

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4 top tools B2B Marketers should use for online marketing measurement

There is an abundance of tools online that a B2B marketer can sink their teeth into (and if your not careful quite often get carried away with!) when it comes to online marketing measurement. It’s easy to miss the point of what you are actually trying to ACHIEVE with these tools.

Topics: Marketing trends 2017 Measure Marketing Online Marketing Measurement Marketing Tool Marketing Reporting

New Research Reveals Half of Marketers Feel Disconnected with their Board

The latest 2017 State of Marketing Tech report, conducted by Squiz- a Digital Transformation company, surveyed over 600 senior marketing professionals globally to reveal their digital vision, goals and challenges.

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The Key to Influencing 4 Types of Buyers in a Complex B2B Sale

In a face-to-face environment, experienced B2B sales professionals can determine through research and thorough questioning who plays what role in the purchase process and ensure each of the influencers have bought in to their solution.

But what happens in the new world in which we find ourselves, where B2B buyers are self-educating using online research and are often 70%-80% of the way through the purchase process before they even reach out to a vendor- In this environment, how does the seller wield influence over the different buyer types? 

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5 Best Practices to Align your Marketing and Sales Teams

Sales and Marketing alignment is difficult for most organisations causing many internal and external challenges that affect the bottom line. Now more than ever, fundamental changes in your buyers behaviour are increasingly creating misalignment between these two functional areas. Misalignment breeds inefficiency. This misalignment causes propose to close rates falling, the quality of leads falling and the cost of acquisition increases.

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7 Essential Website Attributes B2B Marketers Need To Generate Leads

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Build a healthy B2B marketing strategy to guarantee business growth- Part 2

As discussed in part one of this blog a solid sales and marketing strategy is the key first step to achieving growth. Just to recap,  in part 1 we discussed how to develop "The 4xWs" of strategy, namely:

  • To Whom
  • With What
  • Through Whom
  • Against whom

The 4xWs sets up a clear framework for your sales and marketing team to align and focus their efforts around your buyer. 

Estimating your go to market funnel

Now we'll turn our attention to the next critical step. Tying your go to market strategy and investments to your business' financial goals. Firstly, clearly understand your businesses new revenue goals that are coming from marketing's activities and then, using an average sales value,  work out the number of net new clients you need for each time period.

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Build a healthy B2B marketing strategy to guarantee business growth- Part 1

Your sales and marketing are like the heart and lungs of your business. They provide crucial oxygen to your business which it needs to survive and thrive. In this week's blog, we discuss how the business environment in which we all exist is changing rapidly. If your sales and marketing fail to adapt to these new conditions, your business will fail to thrive and potentially survive. 

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58% of all email opens occur on mobile devices, reveals latest research

SME’s in Australia use email marketing as one of the key sales and marketing tactics to generate interest and brand awareness about their products and services. Today email marketing is a popular business tool that if used correctly can have a positive effect on a company’s bottom line to generate leads. This week we discuss the importance of responsive e-mail marketing. 

5 magic lead conversion strategies to help maximise business growth

Lead generation is at the forefront of the marketing and sales world. Increasing traffic, attracting potential buyers and engaging with them has been continually emphasised in the context of inbound marketing - bringing the buyer to you. Lead generation is the next step, after grabbing the attention of your market. Here are 5 lead conversion strategies that can strengthen and help maximise business growth.

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