How can an Australian SMB use video to drive leads?

The use of business video is exploding as firms realise that this communication medium is an excellent way to engage with your target audience. Research from MarketingProfs has shown the video is only second after word of mouth as a way of influencing decision makers.

business video

Key to the explosion in use of video are a number of factors, principally its affordability and its ease of distribution via platforms such as YouTube.

These factors make video, as a way of marketing your content, extremely attractive to Australian SMBs.

If you are considering using video and are somewhat daunted by the prospect, don't be. There are a number of excellent resources available to help you. 

I have outlined how to use video specifically to drive and develop leads in your business in our recently released free whitepaper. The whitepaper discusses:

  • How to build Video into your content marketing plan
  • How to get your message right
  • How to use video to drive leads

and many more hints and tips on getting started. Producing video with the specific intent of developing leads requires a distinctly different mindset, namely the mindset of your target audience. The producer/writer must:

  • Consciously identify who they are targeting, using a technique known as buying personas
  • Identify the stage of the buying journey of their prospect that they are targeting as messaging at different stages varies significantly.
  • Weave video into the overall fabric of their content marketing. 

Many g2m Solutions' SMB clients choose to outsource production of marketing content due to a lack of skills or a simple lack of time. A number of companies offer affordable video development services including script writing, shooting and editing, often for hundreds rather than thousands of dollars.

g2m Solutions recommends and uses the application from Visible Gains for video aimed at generating and nurturing leads. Check it out, see what you think and if you like it give us a call


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