Hubspot Gets Smarter - The New Content Optimisation System

Hubspot has just rolled out their exciting new software for customers. The update is sure to help streamline your marketing campaigns, making it easier for you to attract leads, generate sales and ultimately make more money.

The new Content Optimisation System (COS) is a system designed to optimise content not only for each customer but also for every device they use.

This system has been developed to answer the demands of the market and the changing face of inbound marketing.

There are two major components of the COS. Both of these are an answer to problems identified through intensive research by Hubspot and other inbound marketing experts.

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Optimisation Across All Platforms - Great On Your Laptop, Just As Great On Your Mobile 

It is reported that mobile devices now account for 15% of all online traffic. Hubspot supports this claim with its in depth study of its users over the past 5 years. Mobile device users now account for 13% of all visits to Hubspot affiliated sites. What’s most surprising about this is that this figure was at 9% just 12 months ago.

That is a 44% increase in mobile device users over a single year. Furthermore the latest research from Google shows that 90% of mobile users who start using one device, later pick up their activity on another device.

The combination of this data clearly shows the importance of creating systems that are in their optimum format across devices. Hubspot has strived to answer that exact problem with the COS format and design, so that the same content will appear in its optimal layout across all devices.

This of course needs no explanation for its lead generation and sales implications. The more users who can see your content in its optimal format the more leads and sales you are likely to generate, as your content can work to its maximum potential across all devices.  

Increasing Your Marketing IQ - Smart Content And How It Will Change Your Marketing

The second major change with the Content Optimisation System is the instigation of Smart Content. For those familiar with the Smart Calls-To-Action (CTA) that were bought in last year, Smart Content follows very similar principles.

Data gathered across 93,000 CTA’s, collectively having hundreds of millions of visits, showed that Smart CTA’s, which vary depending on the customer’s position in the buyers cycle have a 42% higher submission rate than the standard CTA’s that don’t change.

Hubspot has channelled this success into content by making it possible to have a system which switches out entire modules of content depending on the visitor’s position in the buyer cycle. Whether its images, text or videos Smart Content will allow you to target your clients in a more accurate and focused manner.

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Personalised Marketing - One Piece Of Software Thousands Of Unique Buyers

By doing this, Smart Content will help you create an even more personalised and effective funnel, delivering greater flow, more leads and higher sales. Hubspot announced exactly that when they said that the goal is “to give Hubspot customers the tools they need to create marketing that will be relevant to each of their website visitors at every stage of the customer lifecycle.”

There is no doubt that the Content Optimisation System will help change the way that marketers reach their customers. It offers greater control and an ability to create more convincing and interesting marketing campaigns. Look out for more information about the other new features and any upcoming changes.

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