Beat The Forgetting Curve

Mastering new automation software is central to marketers and salespeople alike. It’s an essential part of your modern tool kit. But learning – and more importantly remembering – how to use these essential tools can be daunting.

It turns out we’ve been forgetting things for a long time! And there is some interesting science that explains why.

The “Ebbinghaus” forgetting curve was developed by psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus in the late 19th century and shows the nature of memory loss over time. Whilst testing this Ebbinghaus identified factors that contributed to the forgetting curve.

  • The strength of your memory
  • The time that has passed since the information was learnt


Ebbinghaus discovered that information is easier to recall when it’s built upon things you already know. Each time you reinforce the training, the rate of decline reduces. The testing effect says that by simply testing a person’s memory, that memory will become stronger.

As you can see in the graph below spacing out reminders and memory joggers helps combat the forgetting curve.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

In addition to this “layering” of learning activities, making content accessible and convenient for learners to complete training wherever they are and at any time of the day helps greatly.

Microlearning “snippets” delivered via your mobile phone is a perfect way to do this. Its easy consume any place, anytime, anywhere – such as whilst catching the bus to work.

g2m HubSpot Sales Mobile Learning

Gamification is another great way to beat the forgetting curve. It takes the mechanics of games and applies them to eLearning content, it’s a fun and engaging way to create a bit of competition and motivate your learners to complete the required learning.

g2m eLearning Champion Certificate

So, when you are planning to roll out some new HubSpot software, pick a partner who gets how people learn, who understands the science of learning and knows how to make it stick.   Look for interactive tools such as microlearning nudges and gamification to support their training and defeat the forgetting curve once and for all.

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