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Growth Driven Design (GDD) is the innovative new concept that involves rethinking how you approach website design, incorporating the idea that ongoing testing and analysis of your site will deliver the best results. In this blog, we will cover the three foundational pillars of GDD and how they form the basic structure of this new approach.

Pillar #1 - Minimise risks associated with traditional website design

  • Take a systematic approach
  • Shorten the launch time
  • Focus on real impacts
  • Embody continuous learning and improvement

 A large part of this new concept is all about reducing the traditional risks associated with web design projects, which we covered in our previous blog, ‘Why the traditional website design process simply does not work’. Once you minimise these risks, you can start the design process with a more systematic and streamlined approach, focusing on a core set of high impact features and content.

This then allows you to shorten the time it takes to launch your website and focus on real data that your website starts to produce. A key point to remember here - once it’s live, you are immediately in a position to start making alterations and improvements - which will help you to achieve the results you want faster.

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Pillar #2 - Continuously learn and improve

  • Constantly researching, testing and learning about your visitors to inform ongoing website improvements
  • Continuous improvements = peak performance

Websites that are built using the GDD method are constantly supported by:

  • Your research
  • Testing your ideas and hypotheses
  • Learning about your visitor and customer insights gathered from real time data

The result is a more refined website over time that is always aligned with your business objectives. When you are continuously improving your website it will hold true to it’s purpose as your best salesperson, biggest marketing asset and the centrepiece of all your marketing activities.

Pillar #3 - Inform marketing and sales (vice versa)

  • Tightly integrated with marketing and sales
  • Learning about visitors helps inform and improve marketing and sales strategies and tactics (vice versa)

Now that your website is going to be designed and built in a flash, and informed by live ongoing data collection, it will be vital for the Marketing and Sales teams to start working as one. This means sharing:

  • Information of lessons learned
  • Data gathered to inform new team tactics moving forward

This ultimately creates a new departmental funnel. Marketing will be providing sales real time data about leads and sales will now be able to stop cold calling and start warm introductions.

In conclusion, GDD embraces an agile methodology that focuses on website design based on interactions and data from real leads and customers. They key takeaways in grasping the foundational 3 pillars - mitigate your risks, do your research and continuously make improvements so marketing can nurture the right prospects and sales can engage more qualified leads.

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