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What are the Successful B2B Marketing Trends For 2017?

We are already half way through 2017 so here are some of  the top B2B Marketing trends that are gaining momentum this year. But beware...just because it is trendy does NOT mean its effective! Before selecting tactics always follow these steps:

Step 1: Strive to understand your customer and their buying journey before you decide what tactics to use. When you understand your customer and their pain points you're more likely to select marketing tactics that better engage your customer.

Step 2: Every marketing strategy and set of tactics must have clearly defined goals that tie back to the businesses overall success. It's key to be able to demonstrate the contribution your B2B marketing investments are making to the businesses overall success.

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Are you a hamster or an eagle? 3 steps to building a successful B2B lead generation engine

Do you ever feel like a hamster on the B2B sales and marketing wheel? Running faster and faster just to stand still? Executing the same old campaigns quarter after quarter because...well you simply don't have the time or capacity to stop and think of a better way.  While a nagging doubt is growing in the back of your mind; that your same old tactics just aren't working very well any more - No wonder you have to run so fast.

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How to develop a B2B marketing strategy to grow your business

"51% of B2B Companies don't have a B2B Marketing Strategy."

One Key ingredient to grow your business is marketing success by aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals. Having a clear and measurable sales and marketing strategy to succesfully grow your sales and marketing leads is more important now than ever before, due to competition and the buyers process of researching online to make their decision!

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HubSpot Training Case Study

Cutcher and Neale is a top 40 accounting firm based in Newcastle, NSW. They have a significant  marketing team, but they had a challenge. They had made the big decision to purchase HubSpot software, and were using it as their marketing automation, CRM & CMS tool. But knew they weren't getting the most from their investment and weren't using it to its full potential on a day-to-day basis.

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What Monty Python and content marketing have in common

Perhaps only a few of the most "experienced" B2B marketers (a.k.a. old) may remember Monty Python's classic Parrot sketch, when the shop owner declares "That parrot isn't dead...it's just resting!" Many B2B Content producers are openly questioning if content marketing is in fact dead. It certainly feels that content has failed to deliver the expected returns it promised in terms of brand awareness, new visitors and leads. Its under increasingly intense scrutiny from those who have to pay for it, and those who produce it.

Is B2B content dead or just resting?

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The "Fab 5" Marketing Metrics you MUST Report On

Want to have successful conversations with your boss? 

Understand and use these "Fab 5" Marketing Metrics, to prove to your boss Marketing is WAY more than the (highly insulting) so called colouring-in department and build a different relationship with the senior executives within your company.

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4 top tools B2B Marketers should use for online marketing measurement

There is an abundance of tools online that a B2B marketer can sink their teeth into (and if your not careful quite often get carried away with!) when it comes to online marketing measurement. It’s easy to miss the point of what you are actually trying to ACHIEVE with these tools.

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New Research Reveals Half of Marketers Feel Disconnected with their Board

The latest 2017 State of Marketing Tech report, conducted by Squiz- a Digital Transformation company, surveyed over 600 senior marketing professionals globally to reveal their digital vision, goals and challenges.

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The Key to Influencing 4 Types of Buyers in a Complex B2B Sale

In a face-to-face environment, experienced B2B sales professionals can determine through research and thorough questioning who plays what role in the purchase process and ensure each of the influencers have bought in to their solution.

But what happens in the new world in which we find ourselves, where B2B buyers are self-educating using online research and are often 70%-80% of the way through the purchase process before they even reach out to a vendor- In this environment, how does the seller wield influence over the different buyer types? 

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5 Best Practices to Align your Marketing and Sales Teams

Sales and Marketing alignment is difficult for most organisations causing many internal and external challenges that affect the bottom line. Now more than ever, fundamental changes in your buyers behaviour are increasingly creating misalignment between these two functional areas. Misalignment breeds inefficiency. This misalignment causes propose to close rates falling, the quality of leads falling and the cost of acquisition increases.

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