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Website design: Phase 1 of Growth Driven Design – strategy

As you know, you can’t build anything that will last on a weak foundation. When it comes to website design, developing a strong strategy will help you create a solid foundation on which to build your Growth Driven Design (GDD) process. So far we’ve introduced Growth Driven Design (GDD), explained why the traditional website design process is flawed and discussed the three foundational pillars of GDD. Now we’re going to dive into the good stuff, the phases of GDD – there’s two. In today’s blog we’re going to cover the strategy section of phase one (yes there’s a lot of information, that's why we’re breaking it up into easily digestible chunks!). 

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Learn a smarter approach to website design and grow your business

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is the innovative new concept that involves rethinking how you approach website design, incorporating the idea that ongoing testing and analysis of your site will deliver the best results. In this blog, we will cover the three foundational pillars of GDD and how they form the basic structure of this new approach.

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Why the traditional website design process simply does not work

Just take a second to think back to your last website build or redesign… Did you just roll your eyes and shudder at the horrific memories of that painful experience? Well, you are not alone. In this blog, we will be explaining why the traditional website design process is flawed and introducing you to a new concept that will save you time, money and resources.

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Growth Driven Design: How it’s changing the website design process


Website design or redesign can and should be a satisfying experience but sometimes it can turn into a very expensive and long-running headache. Why? Because the traditional ways of website design are simply flawed. However, thanks to Google analytics, HubSpot and other applications, marketers now have the power of analytics behind them. Data they can leverage to help senior management make informed strategic decisions for the business. That’s where Growth Driven Design (GDD) comes in. It’s based on real time data and shows you how your customers are actually using your website. In the coming months we’ll take you through all aspects of GDD and how you can apply it to your business. For this blog I’m going to fill you in on the juicy Growth Driven Design topics you can expect to learn about.


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Why you need to give your CMO a seat at the boardroom table

The customer experience is no longer just the realm of marketing – it has become a key competitive differentiator. As a recent Forbes article states, “The customer is in control. Brands need to be more accessible and marketable and so do company boards, not just in terms of corporate governance, but when executing their business strategy and ensuring they are maximising shareholder value”. Marketing must sit at the heart of business decision-making if organisations want to stay ahead of the competition and embrace ever-higher customer expectations. Moreover, the availability of data and analytics has made it possible to assess the impact of marketing strategies on commercial performance, and marketing is increasingly being recognised as a core driver of the business as a result. It’s now in the CEO’s best interest to build a strong relationship with the CMO, and grant him or her a seat at the executive table.

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What's keeping CEOs up at night? Business leaders' top 5 concerns

Being the head honcho of an organisation means you probably don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep. As a leader, your basic responsibilities fill up much of your workday, but your larger-scale responsibilities and concerns are undoubtedly on your mind well into the night. So, what are the things that CEOs worry about the most? 

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6 business reasons to outsource your marketing


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4 easy ways to get your business' marketing out of the Dark Ages

Some business leaders are hesitant to embrace digital marketing, believing it to be a complex and costly exercise that requires a complete overhaul of traditional processes. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can effectively modernise your marketing with a few tweaks here and there. The key is to develop complimentary tactics that enhance your existing strategies and improve the way your business relates to consumers.

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Has your marketing gone to sh*t? It might be time to outsource

Outsourcing isn’t for every organisation, but if you are increasingly finding that you are pushing marketing further and further down your to-do-list or that your current marketing strategies aren’t performing well at all, then it might just be the perfect solution for you. Used correctly, outsourcing your marketing can bring plenty of value to your business. Have a read of this blog post to see if you are the right candidate for outsourcing and to see the benefits of moving your marketing out-of-house (as well as some top tips from the experts):

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The business leader's guide to content marketing planning

Content marketing has been around for long enough now that most businesses are practising it in some form. According to a 2015 report on the state of content marketing in Australia, 89% of respondents said they are using content marketing, defined as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”. Out of this figure however, only 29% believe their content marketing is effective.

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