Top 5 marketers and social media gurus to stalk

by Katie Stow on Oct 10, 2014

We’ve collected some interesting information on who we think are some of the top 5 marketers and social media gurus that you should keep an eye on…or at least start social media stalking them asap!

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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2014

by Christina Beischl on Oct 2, 2014

Mid last year, Forbes, rightly so, predicted an inevitable shift towards Content and Inbound Marketing. One year on, this prediction has turned into reality. Content is more in demand than ever and traditional marketing agencies have made the move to online and towards Inbound. Now, an established marketing method, the concept itself has started evolving. Online as a playing field, provides us with endless challenges, not only because it’s an ever evolving and changing space but because trends and hypes emerge and die faster than anywhere else.  As someone who uses the medium for business purposes, you need to be aware of any shift, as small as it may seem, in order to be successful and get the most out of what we now call Inbound. With 2014’s marketing shift came a wave of change, from the emergence of location-based content marketing to the rise of marketing automation, here are the top 5 digital marketing trends, you need to know about right now!


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Forget About Your Product, Think About Your Buyers!

by Varuna Vaswani on Sep 29, 2014

In the world of marketing, we’re all familiar with The Four Ps – product, price, promotion and place. This principle of marketing was held strongly by businesses and marketers alike for decades, until it was highlighted that there is something very wrong with the four Ps. Promoting a great product in the right places at a reasonable price is all well and good, but there’s no mention about the customer, the buyer or the people that you are targeting for the product.

It was only when theorists considered the service industry that they recognised the importance of people in marketing and expanded The Four Ps into Seven Ps to include process and physical environment, in addition to people. But even then, the process was inverted as the focus is on creating the product or service rather than the customer whom the product / service is meant for, reducing customers to a mere afterthought.

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State of Inbound 2014 - Key Takeaways

by Tania Di Stefano on Sep 19, 2014

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The 5 Best Things About B2B Content Marketing

by Tania Di Stefano on Sep 11, 2014

Inbound marketing can be pretty awesome. It truly is powerful and can deliver real revenue results to your business. Content marketing plays a major part within the inbound framework and helps you target and engage with your ideal buyer persona. Living in a digital age means we are all bombarded with countless advertising everyday, regardless of whether we want to see it or not. Everywhere we look, someone’s figured out how to stick an ad on it and make some money, and it can be highly annoying! So, in turn we have become accustomed to ignoring everything and only pay attention to what we want. This is why content marketing works, the whole purpose is to only engage and attract your ideal buyer persona, so effort (and money!) is not wasted on anyone else.

There is no other way to spin it, B2B content marketing is the bee’s knees, and this blog will reveal the top 5 things about it.

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Step up your lead generation game with these 5 tips

by Christina Beischl on Aug 26, 2014

As we all know, your website is your shop window. In this day and age your website’s look and feel along with its functionality can really turn your customers on or off, there is hardly anything worse than a dated website that gives you a sense of the early 2000s. Nostalgia is a no-go when it comes to your inbound marketing and B2B lead generation. Your website is the tool which lets you attract, engage, convert, close and delight. Obviously, the conversion part is fundamental to this process, but how do you get there? The answer is simple; you need to be creating high-quality, sales-ready leads. And while this sounds like a piece of cake, it can be the exact opposite when handled poorly and inefficiently. But fear not, we have compiled 5 effective tricks that can really help you up your inbound marketing ante, stand out from the crowd and generate leads, leads, leads.


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Lead Quality Over Lead Quantity: The Business Owner's Mantra

by Varuna Vaswani on Aug 20, 2014

Quality over quantity. We’ve heard it a million times. We all know it’s true, but in this dog-eat-dog world where everyone seems to just focus on getting ahead, it’s often forgotten, and even flipped around. Salespeople are a common examples of this, their every day revolves around an unspoken, yet very real competition amongst their teams: bringing in the most sales.



To put this in perspective, let’s take a look at a day in the life of salesperson Sally. Sally’s day starts with a look at her calendar, noting her meetings for the day. She looks at her scribbles from a previous meeting with a prospect, and then writes a full proposal for them. Her proposal is amazing – it’s got everything a prospect needs to know about the product / service to address their needs.  Sally is confident it’ll win her the client. In the afternoon, she's off to the meeting to present it to her prospect.

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5 B2B Lead Generation Tips To Enhance Your Website

by Tania Di Stefano on Aug 13, 2014

Ever wonder why your B2B online marketing is driving traffic to your website but not delivering sales qualified leads? If this sounds familiar, you need to change things…fast.

Your website is your virtual shop front, it’s the place your online marketing efforts typically direct visitors to. It is where potential clients first get a glimpse of your brand and therefore it has the job of keeping them interested in your brand.

As the brand's owner, you know the buyer persona you target down to the very last detail and that the solutions you offer help solve their problems. But are you communicating this clearly on your website? Can your website content engage your website's visitors enough to the point that they become a lead? 

If you're unsure, let's discuss the five things you can add or change on your website to help make your visitors click and convert.

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5 B2B Content Marketing Rules to Break

by Christina Beischl on Aug 12, 2014

Content marketing radically improves your marketing AND sales conversion ratios. Companies are slowly realising this and are beginning to turn away from traditional outbound marketing and are moving towards inbound marketing. So being able to create engaging, educational content has become an important skill, amongst others, that any B2B inbound marketer needs in order to create an effective lead generation machine. We've found that a lot of companies are a little stuck between the old and new methods of content marketing. If you type “rules for good content marketing” into Google you are going to find a myriad of articles telling you what to do. Now, while some of these make for great tips and give amazing advice, it is the same as with everything: some rules were simply made to be broken. Continue reading if you want to find out what to avoid.


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Social Media Marketing for B2B: The 5 Things To Do Immediately

by Varuna Vaswani on Aug 8, 2014

In a world where there is no shortage of new ideas and ways to market, social media marketing has proven that it is here to stay. However, social media marketing has evolved rapidly over the years, and success is not defined by the number of posts about your brand on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Marketers and business owners should keep up with the changes to ensure they aren’t lagging behind their competition.

Here are the five immediate actions business owners should take to ensure social media success:

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